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West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier


Gaining their first attention in the early 1900's the West Highland White Terrier was originally known as the Poltalloch terrier named after the home of Col. E.D. Malcolm who had been breeding this charming short legged white terrier for many years.  It was also known as the Roseneath terrier but the name was eventually changed to West Highland White Terrier.



What a busy little fellow the Westie is, always ready for fun, he is happy, curious, affection and demanding and one of the friendliest terriers you will ever meet.  They just relish in daily romps in a safe area (otherwise must be walked on lead), as well as lots of playtime at home.  They adore the company of their human companions, but also have a strong independent streak and it would be advisable to firmly train them from when they are a puppy. But beware harsh training will be received with stubbornness as they will not tolerate being pushed or hurt which can be a problem with young (eg: pre-school) children who just want to pick up and squeeze them.



Height:  26-28cm (10-11in)

Weight:  7-8kg (15-18lb)

The small compact Westie has a harsh outer coat and soft under coat, dark eyes, small pointed and erect ears and a jaunty undocked tail which should be carrot shaped and carried erect.  Harsh hair covers their head. You can have the choice of any colour just as long as it is White!



With regular brushing every couple of days, Westies will stay clean because they have a harsh double coat, however, if washing is required, it should be kept to a minimum using a good quality sensitive shampoo. They will need to be clipped 3 or 4 times a year and because of their harsh coats they loose very little hair. 


Life Expectancy

12-15 Years (approx) 


Health Concerns

As Westies are prone to skin allergies which can be aggravated by over washing, it is strongly recommended to always use a shampoo for sensitive skin and should always be kept flea free as fleas can also trigger skin problems.  Hip and jaw problems have been seen in this breed as have luxating patellas so dealing with a reputable breeder and viewing the pup's parents would be highly advisable.



They make fantastic pets for families and school-age children who want a cute looking dog with loads of attitude.  Most Westies are kept by older adults looking for a small, neat indoor companion which surprisingly enough doubles as a watchdog.


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