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Welsh Terrier


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The Welsh Terrier was originally used for hunting badgers, foxes and otters. While the Welsh evolved rather than being created like its big cousin the Airedale, its evolution saw prick ears become the wonderfully expressive broken ear we see today.





For the Welsh Terrier to develop into a most affable, loving family companion they require strong management and socialisation from a young age.  Good behavior management techniques of positive and negative reinforcements are a necessity and it would be preferable to introduce them to children as a trained adult and not recommended for the family where any member will not be able to help with the consistency of training. With their love to play and hunt they will keep strays out of the garden, they are very lively, inquisitive and always ready for a game.



Height:   36-39cm (14-15")

Weight:    9-10kg (20-21lb)

Group: Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is smaller than the better known Airedale and is a stunning square black and tan dog with a tan whiskery chin and nose and standing on strong thickly coated tan legs while the black saddle is short and shiny.  With its long strong head and neck, short strong back, high placed tail and strong well angulated legs.  When in full coat he resembles something of a bear with a big hairy head and body. Because of the harshness of the Welsh coat it is more manageable than the Airedale even when in a full coat.



As with most dogs they need a thorough brushing each week to remove knots, leaves and twigs caught up in its the wiry coat.  As this dog doesnÂ’t easily shed its old hair it is advisable to have it clipped a couple of times a year to maintain the neat but whiskery appearance.  Keeping nails short, between and inside pads trimmed is also required. It is important to note that because their soft ears fold down they must be cleaned regularly as the moist, airless canals are perfect grounds for bacterial growth if neglected. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming parlour provides these services.


Life Expectancy

15-16 Years (approx) 


Health Concerns

A lot of breeders say the Welsh Terrier is a hardy breed with few hereditary problems and many of whom are known to go throughout life only seeing a vet for mandatory immunizations.



An outgoing dog; they may suffer loneliness and destructive behavior if left alone.  It is recommended that they are best suited to people with the time to attend to the regular grooming and clipping necessary, as well as a responsible attitude to training and containing their pet.


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The word "Terrier" comes from terra, the Latin word for earth and aptly describes part of the landscape where these dogs were originally deployed, being bred to drive foxes, rabbits and other quarry from their underground retreats


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