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The Welsh Springer Spaniel which was originally called the Welsh Spaniel or the Welsh Cocker was first recognized as a breed in its own right in 1902, however, it has been shown in history through art and the written word that a "red and white" Spaniel existed from 1560. Some experts believe that the Welsh Springer Spaniel and the Brittany Spaniel share the same ancestry. This dog is a multi-purpose gundog, primarily used for flushing out game and retrieving it back to the shooter, either on the land or the water.



This busy, affectionate, happy and extremely loyal dog is so very loving towards its family, especially the children.  They also make terrific watchdogs.   It is recommended to begin socialisation while they are still very small pups and continue throughout their lives. The breed is a quick learner and training should be fair and consistent, using modern, gentle techniques and they should be kept in a well-fenced yard, as they have been known to get distracted and wander once they put their nose to the ground. They require daily exercise and stimulation and if left alone in the back yard, may result in excessive barking and destructive behavior.



Height:  43-48cm (17-19in)

Weight: 16-20kg (35-45lb)

Group: Gundogs

Their coat is naturally straight, flat, and soft to the touch and it should never be wiry or wavy.  Because it is weatherproof it gives protection from all kinds of thorn and brush and the back of the legs, chest, and underside of the body are feathered. The ears and tail are also lightly feathered. The only colour is rich red-and-white and any pattern is considered acceptable and any white area may be flecked with red.



Most of the time a thorough 10 minute brushing 2 – 3 times a week and a monthly bath to avoid drying the coat of its natural oils is sufficient. A regular trimming will benefit these dogs to keep their lovely coats tidy, including the clipping of their nails, excess hair around and under the feet. It is also advisable to regularly clean and clip around the edge of the ear (leathers), underneath the ears and around the ear canal opening to prevent ear infections and allow air to the area. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming parlour provides these services.


Life Expectancy

Up to 15 years.


Health Concerns

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is generally a healthy breed but some can suffer hip dysplasia. Ideally both parents should be X-rayed and hip scored (currently the breed average is 19.5). Both parents should have a current "specialist" eye certificate.  It is important to note that their ears must be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial growth if neglected.



The ideal owner is someone who is active, or a family, who is prepared to share their life with a dog as they delight in being out and about with their owner or family. They are fairly good with other dogs and cats, provided the owners are consistent and thoughtful to the hierarchy of the household, however it is good to bear in mind that it is a gundog and will show a “real interest” in birds and rabbits. They were bred for work and endurance, and as such need exercise to keep healthy and content. Without adequate exercise, this dog may become bored and design its own means of keeping busy often to its owner's displeasure


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Gundogs: dogs in this group were all bred to assist in hunting and retrieving game. A few in this group include Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever to mention a few.


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