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Dog Breed - Weimaraner



This every increasing popularity of the Weimaraner in the UK confirms that people just can’t help falling in love with these handsome town-and-country dogs.  Originating from Germany and having origins dating back to the 1600s this outstanding hunting dog was used for a dual purpose tracker and retriever but are now seen being bred solely for companionship.  These large, elegant, self-confident and very intelligent dogs are possessed with a very keen nose and love nothing more than quartering the ground, picking up scent and tracking whatever is available.



The males which are relatively undemonstrative can be headstrong and determined, be quite protective of their human families and training can be a challenging experience.  Females are more easy-going and more manageable and the preferred sex for the inexperienced dog owner.  These dogs have an irresistible charm about them where the owner may find it difficult to remain firm especially in the case of puppies.  However, a well-reared Weimaraner on the other hand, will enrich the lives of the entire family with its merry and attentive behavior and sense of humour making it a fantastic playmate for children as it loves nothing more than chasing balls and romping around.



Height:  56-69cm (22-27in)

Weight:  20-30kg (44-60lb)

Group: Gundogs 

The Weimaraner has this natural presence about it with eye colours which range from Baltic amber through gunmetal grey to winter blue.  It comes in the colours of mouse-gray, silver-gray or fawn-gray and has a short, fine, sleek and dense coat however; there is also a long-haired variety.  They are a large breed and athletic looking and their most prominent features are their deep chest and large floppy ears.



Grooming time is kept to a minimum because of their sleek short coats, so regular bathing, nail clipping and brushing is basically all that is required to keep them looking at their best.


Life Expectancy

10 years



They can suffer from allergies and the occasional hip dysplasia, but the main condition which these dogs are 20 times more likely than the average dog to develop is gastric torsion and bloat with one quarter of affected dogs dying from this condition and this is the greatest single reason for the breed’s short median life expectancy.



These dogs are not suitable for city living as they require copious amounts of exercise to release their pent-up energy with at least two hours daily exercise and immensely dislike being restricted to kennels and dog runs.  Because of their renowned opinionated and stubborn nature they need to be trained on obedience and subordination on a regular basis as an ill-behaved Wiemaraner is unbearable turning everyone in the house into its slaves.


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Gundogs were all bred to assist in the hunting and retrieving of game. A few in this group include the Labrador, Golden Retriever and Irish Setter  to mention a few



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Dog Breeds - Weimaraner

 In the 2002 Jennifer Lopez film "Maid in Manhattan"  Chris Marshall owns a Weimaraner which appears in several scenes 


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