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Jack Russell

Jack Russell


Cairn Terrier - dog photos

Cairn Terrier



Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier - dog pictures



The Australian Silky Terrier dates back to the 19th century when they were known simply as rough or broken-coated terriers.  Bred to kill household rodents and vermin in years gone by and also a great family companion dog, the final cross between Australian Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier was in the early 1900¬ís.





They are one of the friendliest, happy and alert family pets and love to be with their family and traveling in the car with them.  These very intelligent little dogs will always be keeping one eye open for any signs of trouble but will not become aggressive and noisy.


Height:   23-26cms (9-10 ins)

Weight:  2-5kg  (4-10lbs)

These small and active dogs come in the colours of blue and tan however they are born black and change to their desired colour at around 20 months of age.  Their beautiful fine silky single coat will not shed hair on the furniture and they have no doggy smell.  With their featured small pricked ears, these little dogs are very easy to maintain.



If kept clean and bathed every couple of weeks to condition their coat these dogs will remain shiny and clean and as their hair is a similar texture to humans, standard shampoo and conditioner can be used. A quick daily brush will keep knots out and will remove shedding hair which will cling to the coat or you can have the coat clipped which will save on grooming time for you and the dog will still look quite attractive. Silkies do have two seasonal moults but little hair is dropped. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming parlour provides these services.


Life Expectancy

14-15 Years


Health Concerns

Being a very hardy, healthy dog, they usually only require the normal yearly injections and check up. Patella Luxation (slipping of the kneecaps), the only genetic weakness, is uncommon today but has been known to occur in the breed and apart from that there is no evidence of hereditary diseases on a regular basis. To ensure a healthy happy dog feed your dog with good quality dog food.



The Silky Terriers' small size makes them ideal household pets and as they are full of energy, this versatile breed will adapt to any situation, making it suitable as a companion in a one-bedroom apartment or as a family dog. Usually devoting itself to one particular member of the family (usually the one who feeds it), this beautiful little dog is great with children and will play with them for hours.


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