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Schnauzers Rule - A complete owner's guide for the miniature schnauzer lover and dog enthusiasts. Topics include dog grooming, obedience and trick training, housebreaking,  contests, FREE dog eCards, and more! Schnauzers Rule - Got Schnauzer?






Dog Breed - Schnauzer

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Originating in Bavaria, Germany, the Schnauzer (where the word 'Schnauze' in German means muzzle), the standard and giant breeds were used for herding cattle and as guard dogs.  Where the Standards arrived in Australia in 1934, miniatures in 1962 and giants in the 1970's, it was in 1999 that the Miniature was ranked 22nd in popularity from 180 breeds by the Australian National Kennel Council.  Where overseas, the giant variety is used for guard and rescue duties interestingly enough all three sizes are increasingly used as pets for therapy all over the world.





These bold and alert dogs are considered to be a good watchdog and most owners will tell you that they are great with children, but tend to be a little bit wary of strangers. Although there have been reports of some Schnauzers being aggressive, overall the temperament of the breed is good.



Giant Schnauzer

Height:   33-47cm (13-19in)

Weight:   13-18kg  (30-40 lb)

Group: Working Dog

Miniature Schnauzer

Height:  13-14in (33-35.5cm)

Weight:  16.5-20lb (7.5-9kg)

Group: Utility Dogs

Standard Schnauzer

Height:  18-19in (46-48cm)

Weight:  35-39.5lb (16-18kg)

Group: Utility Dogs

This breed comes in three sizes - miniature, standard and giant. They have a robust, almost square shape, generous whiskers and eyebrows which are prominent.  There are three coat colours consisting of: salt and pepper (probably the most common); solid black (most giants are black); and black and silver.



A breed that does not moult. It is advisable to always keep the head well groomed by trimming around the eyes to prevent matting and eye problems.  It is recommended to clip these dogs approximately every eight weeks by their owners or trimmed professionally at their local dog grooming parlour.


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Life Expectancy

12-16 Years


Health Concerns

Mostly a robust breed, there are a few problems which they sometimes can be born with.  One is heart defects so when buying a puppy, make sure it has been checked thoroughly by a veterinary surgeon and that the parents are free from this. On occasion, some other inherited disorders may be seen in these dogs, including cataracts, bladder stones and hip dysplasia.  



Schnauzers are clean, friendly, family dogs, can be quickly house trained and make very good childrenÂ’s pets but, will need to be socialized with children while still young.   They are 'quick learners' however can become easily bored and even though standards and giants need a backyard, miniatures can be kept in apartments.  These dogs can be quite dominant if they are allowed to get away with it. Regular walks are very important. They do have a good reputation for ability in obedience and agility work and require owners who are committed to training them.  For potential owners it is best to choose a breed according to the size and energy level of what they are able to accommodate. The Miniature variety was originally bred to be proficient in ratting and will tend to chase small animals if they get the chance. They do best when kept as the only dog in the family.


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Dog Breeds

 Records of Schnauzer-type dogs dated back to the 16th century and it is thought that the breed has Poodle, Pinscher and Spitz ancestry 



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