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Safestix - helping reduce stick injuries in dogs

by Paul Blair

Hundreds of dogs are killed and seriously injured every year chasing sticks innocently thrown by their owners. It happened to our four year old Jack Russell Terrier so we designed - Safestix, a safe alternative for dogs who love sticks. We used to love playing fetch with Razzle until a stick punctured the inside of his mouth. After this we made it our mission to create a safe alternative to sticks. It became clear after doing some research that stick injuries are a huge problem causing untold injuries to countless dogs every year, despite the numerous balls, squeaky toys and other dog toys on the market there is nothing to replicate the sticks that most dogs love to chase! Our dog toys are backed by three eminent British and Irish Veterinarians and are proving extremely popular with dog owners in the UK. They're longer than any existing dog toy of their type, made from strong non toxic rubber and they float. More details can be found at

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