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Other working dogs include the SamoyedSamoyed





and Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd

to mention a few.




Pyrenean Mountain Dog


Pyrenean Mountain Dog



It was in the French Pyrenese Mountains where the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was used by shepherds to guard flocks of goats and sheep from predators such as wolves and bears. They are still being used today in various places around the world as livestock guardians. Today they are mainly a companion dog and family pet.



The owners of the Pyrenean Mountain dog often describe them as affectionate, mischievous, majestic, placid, loveable, and confident enough to be very protective of its family.  If they are with the right family who can adjust to their needs, they will be perfectly happy however, they can become problem barkers if bored and usually only bark to let any predators know that they are there. They are known to be good escape artists, so a well fenced and secure yard is a must as well as their love of digging holes large enough to lie in and keep cool, thus this dog may not be a good choice if you are particular about your garden. Even though these dogs are great with young children, they need to be supervised as puppies as they may become very boisterous and easily knock over young children in their exuberance.



Height:  65-70cm  (25-27in)
Weight:  40-50kg  (88-110lb)

For those that love them there can be no other dog even though they are definitely not the dog for everyone because even though they are highly intelligent, they are quite independent in their thinking and sometimes willful.  Their sheer size, beautiful coat and wonderful eyes are their trademarks.



These dogs have this beautiful white coat which is relatively easy to care for but does however require brushing around once a week to stop mats from developing. They do shed all year round  so owners need to get used to the sight of white hair everywhere and also lots of brushing is required to assist in the removal of their undercoat when they ‘blow’ their coat, which normally occurs once or twice a year.  Regular trimming of their nails is necessary to keep them short and in particular the double dewclaws on the hind legs. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local dog grooming salon provides these services. 


Life Expectancy

12 Years


Health Concerns

They are quite healthy and have few major genetic problems. However, like many large breeds, hip dysplasia can be an issue so it is recommended that puppies come from breeders who have undergone the process of having the parent’s hips x-rayed.


These dogs can be quite willful when younger and are not the easiest breed to train because they have been bred to work independently and are not overly interested in doing things just because you want them to. They cannot be trusted off the lead anywhere outside a fully fenced area as they are well known for not coming when called and while some owners may have success with formal obedience training, they still cannot be trusted to do the right thing.  The decision to acquire a new puppy or to own a Pyrenean Mountain Dog should be considered carefully and you should be absolutely convinced that this breed is for you. However, once you decide upon the breed, you will fast become one of the many who firmly believe this is the most beautiful dog in the world.


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Working Dogs; This group  includes more breeds than any other. These dogs were bred to do a variety of work from guarding, herding, pulling sleds and rescue for example. A few in this group include Mastiff, Dobermann and Rottweiler to mention a few.


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