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Puppy Love is a Little Ruff

by Daniel Bateman
(Cairns Australia)

Puppies are so adorable when they are asleep!

Puppies are so adorable when they are asleep!

Call off the search for a truly renewable source of energy - I think it has finally been found. After four years of successfully changing the topic every time my girlfriend walked past a dog (her: "awww...she's sooo cute!" Me: "what are your thoughts on the ETS?"), this week I finally relented.

So, as I write this now, we have gained another member of the family. Matilda or Tilly for short, came bursting into our life on Monday, after she was picked up from the local animal shelter.

The two month old puppy exploded into her new home with all the force of a category-5 cyclone - with just about the same amount of destruction too. There is so much energy generated from such a small creature, that I'm quite certain that canine endothermic energy could easily power at least 27 suburban streets.

In the space of two days, her tiny razor-like fangs have made short work of: the left of my favourite pair of thongs; one woolly camping sock; a brand-new book heisted from the lower level of our bookshelf; our bathroom mat; a car seat cover; a non-connected extension cord and morning sleep ins.

Oh we are totally diggin' the perennial smell of Pine-O-Clean.

So there are the little discoveries we have been making every day. Little, smelly discoveries, to be more precise. It seems that the moment my back is turned, any object or surface is fair game.

But she's cunning, our little ball of tan and white fuzz. She appears to possess the type of espionage
skills that would easily outrank those of 0007. Call her 00K9, perhaps.

When Tilly came home, she arrived with a new bed and full complement of doggy toys. I can now confidently report that every one of those doggy toys has vanished. Trust me - we've searched everywhere, even for the tell-tale disruptions in the dirt in the backyard. There's nada.

Meal time is also becoming quite an adventure. Don't get me wrong, the dog loves food, including items you wouldn't normally associate with being edible. But once the recommended dosage of puppy chow - and then some - has been wolfed down, we have become accustomed to steering the pup away from mummy and daddy food with the kind of blocking tactics that might make the North Queensland Cowboys' talent scout stand to attention. We are now restricted to having our meals from high chairs and behind closed doors.

But after a week of devastation, early mornings, far too many clean-ups and tears in my clothes that I somehow don't spot until I arrive at work, we can still agree that yes, owning a dog has 100 per cent enriched our lives.

There are those excited little jumps in the air whenever we arrive home, the loveable licks on the face each morning letting us know "I'm awake", and those adorable moments on the couch, where she's rolled on to her back in anticipation of a hearty tummy rub. Once Tilly grows up, I think we're both looking forward to kids - I hear they are much easier to deal with!

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May 04, 2013
Puppy Love is a Little Ruff
by: vlh and Jonah the Coton

LOL. The Joys of Puppyhood. Well written.

Feb 26, 2013
How Cute
by: Anonymous

Wow what a cute dog, yes they are so cute when asleep but most of the time are cute when they are awake too!

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