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Other Utility Dogs include the

Chow ChowChow Chow


Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

 to mention a few.





Dog Breed - Poodle  




The ever so lovable Poodle comes in 3 varieties Miniature, Toy and Standard.  Their name was derived from a German word meaning ‘puddle’ because they made excellent hunting and water dogs and originally were clipped a little so that they could work in the water more easily.  Nowadays they cannot help it when they are clipped into some ridiculous shapes as fashion statements or are being over-pampered or doted on too much. 



These happy-go-lucky dogs make superb companion dogs. They are probably the smartest of all dogs. Easy to train and willing to learn not only any trick you care to teach it, but also a few of its own and there is nothing a Poodle can’t or won’t learn..  They also possess very acute hearing and an excellent sense of orientation, they are also very active, athletic, loyal and tireless clowns who make unsurpassed children’s companions that don’t mind letting themselves be dressed up in the most outlandish costumes.  But beware the only problem which can arise with Poodles is if force is used in training and if they get spoilt too much, they can become obstinate and resentful.




Toy          10” (25cms)                 

Miniature  11-14” (28-35cms)

Standard  18-23”  (45-58cms)


Toy           up to 11lbs (5kg)                     

Miniature  15lbs (7kg)

Standard  48lbs (22kg)

Group: Utility Dogs

They have a double coat of profuse, woolly and very curly hair, which can and often does get clipped into some of the most varied and interesting designs.  Their colours range from black, white, brown, silver and apricot.  It is very interesting to notice that a lot of puppies are born one colour and as they mature this colour slowly changes to white.



Regular grooming plays a very important part in this breed's life because if left unclipped their continuously growing coat can become unkempt and matt into cords and smell.  These dogs love their weekly bath time and need to be regularly clipped or trimmed every four to six weeks and if given the simple all-over “lamb” cut they will look elegant and retain their dignity.  It is also important to ensure that they also have their nails clipped and the hairs plucked out of their ears (to avoid wax build up) at the same time. 


Life Expectancy

Anywhere between 12 – 15 years depending on variety type.



The main inherited disorder with the standard is chronic skin problems and because of its very deep chest it is known to suffer from the very serious condition of stomach rotation (bloat).  The miniature and toy Poodles can suffer from slipping kneecaps, early gum disease; by four years of age is common (which can be prevented by feeding raw meaty bones or chicken necks).  Other than mentioned small Poodles have longer life expectancies than virtually all other breeds because of their general good health.



They are a perfect companion to any allergy sufferers as they are less likely to trigger an allergic response in people than other breeds, as skin problems are rare and because they get bathed and clipped on a regular basis.  They are very suitable for small yards and apartments and even though they love lots of exercise it can be taken in small open areas.  They are very playful and tireless and make great playmates for most children.


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Poodles are hypoallergenic - don’t shed fur. Poodles make the best pets for people with allergies and do not have that doggy odor



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