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Bichon Frise - Toy Dogs








Pomeranian - Toy Dogs



Believed to have descended from wolf-spitz type dogs, the Pomeranian shares the same ancestors with the other arctic breeds such as the Samoyed and Keeshond which were used to work as guard and sledge animals, however the smallest were kept as companions. They were established as a breed in the eighteenth century after they drew the interest of the English monarchy and upon her marriage to King George 111, Queen Charlotte brought large white Pomeranians to England in 1761.  It was not until Queen Victoria's reign that this breed became one of the most popular toy breeds and the 9 to 13.6 kg dogs of Queen Charlotte's time now weigh



They make a delightful family member with their extroverted and lively demeanor, this dog is very intelligent.  However, owing to their small size and high energy level, they are not recommended for families with young children. Suitable for apartment dwellers who are prepared to exercise their dog on a regular basis they also make loyal and intelligent companions for the elderly.



Height:   18–28cm  (7-11in)

Weight:      2-4kgs  (4-9lbs)

Their eyes which are most often small and almond-shaped, can be round and large as well.  With their heavily plumed tail, they are usually a solid colour, but may have black shadings or may be parti-coloured.  These small, compact, alert and dainty dogs display great glamour with their crowning glory, a dense, double coat, made up of long, harsh, standoff guard hairs and a soft woolly undercoat.



They do not require as much grooming as some of the other long haired breeds but be prepared to brush your dog at least two or three times a week if not more.  Grooming time should be enjoyed by both your Pomeranian and yourself. Extra brushing will be required when your dog is shedding its coat and the dead coat must be removed as soon as possible to allow the new coat to come through ensuring that all loose hair be removed or the result will be horrible mats which may have to be removed by clipping if let go too far. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local dog grooming salon provides these services.


Life Expectancy

10-12 Years


Health Concerns

This sturdy little dog suffers from few health problems with the major problem occasionally being found in many of the "toy" breeds being patella luxation, or slipping kneecaps.  Collapsing trachea is a another problem that may be found in this breed and an affected Pomeranian may make a sound like a honking noise when excited or they may cough as if something is stuck in there throat.  Coat loss problems which also can affect them is often referred to as black skin disease which can be derived by many things such as Hypothyroidism or low thyroid, cushings disease, eczema, mites and fungus infections. Entropian or ingrown eyelashes can occasionally occur in the Pomeranian breed.



Equally happy occupied in a city apartment or on the country farmstead, they are great for novice owners, and are good with older, more considerate children.  Being very intelligent dogs they will respond well to obedience training and make loyal companions who are protective of their owners and surprisingly enough make good watchdogs as they are generally not frightened of even the largest dog.  Often being used in obedience competitions, as hearing assistance dogs and search and rescue dogs, they equally make excellent therapy dogs, and can do wonders when visiting local nursing homes or hospitals or by consoling sick family members and friends.

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Toy Dogs: the common feature amongst these dogs is that they are all small, even if they come in a variety of different shapes. A few in this group include the Chihuahua, Pekingese and Havanese to mention a few.




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