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The Pekingese dog is an ancient breed which is believed to go back to the Chinese Foo Dogs of the 8th century. These dogs were permitted to be owned only by Imperial Royalty, and pampered in relative seclusion for centuries. The Pekingese was discovered when the Summer Palace in Peking was invaded by the British in the late 1800's and five were brought back to England where one was given to Queen Victoria. These five special dogs were the start of the breed as it is known today.



What calm, affectionate and good natured little dogs they are.  They are the type of dog that will steal your heart the moment you see them.  They can also be independent and fearless, but most of all they just want to be part of the family and be given lots of attention and love.



Height   20cm (7 1/2in)

Weight: 4-5kg (8 1/2-11 lb)

Group: Toy Dog

They are quite a compact dog with heavy forequarters and lighter hindquarters. Slightly longer than it is tall it is slightly stocky with a heavy build. It has an unhurried and dignified gait. It has a thick undercoat, and its outer coat is long, coarse and straight, forming a mane around the shoulders.  They come in quite a variety of colours.



Unless their coat is combed daily it will end up as one big matted mess.  The over-nose wrinkle should be cleaned daily to avoid infection and the coat around the anus must be inspected daily for soiling. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your Pekingese, your local  dog grooming parlour provides these services. Make sure their ears are cleaned and nails are trimmed at the same time.


Life Expectancy

13 Years


Health Concerns

This breed doesn’t really have any major health concerns.  Because of its flat face though it can become heat stressed very quickly.   Skin fold dermatitis around the face can be a problem also and it is recommended that the folds should be cleaned thoroughly every day.



Well-suited to life in a small household or apartment as they are a comparatively inactive breed indoors, they usually are fairly content to live without a yard. The Pekingese does enjoy a leisurely walk outdoors, but it is equally happy to romp inside. It must be kept in air conditioning in warm weather but can spend time outside in cool weather and it should sleep inside. The breed doesn’t require much exercise, however will stay in better health if they are given regular opportunities to run around and play.


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