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Our Special Misty

by Donna Thomas
(Hanford, Calif.)

Misty, wasn’t like the other seven puppies in the box. She chose to stay in the back corner while the others scratched and whined for all the attention, which they got. They were pure Golden Retrievers, with their oversized paws, soft brown eyes, alert tails, velvet floppy ears, and a color variety of yellow ones and copper ones.

Some, had already been chosen by awaiting buyers and marked with colored ribbons around their necks, but not Misty. She was just as cute as the others, as cute as any puppy could be, but she just didn’t get noticed like the rest. Was it her smaller size? Was it her quiet, less active personality?

Heidi, the mother of all these cute puppies, paid close attention to Misty. When the other puppies were playing, she would go over to Misty and give her an extra special cleaning with licks of comforting love. Did she know something about her that no one else knew? Mothers are good at that when it comes to their children.

At about five weeks old, Misty showed some skin irritation, losing hair around her eyes and nose. After a couple of days, her eyes were infected as well, so we took her to our vet. We began treating a type of severe Pyoderma with prescribed medications. It got worse for little Misty, before any signs of the pills and ointments began helping her. During the several visits to the vet, we also learned she had an irregular heartbeat.

When the litter became seven weeks old, each day after, one or more of the puppies were taken
to their new homes until they were all gone, except for one, Misty.

So, here was a puppy we did not intend to keep, gripping at our hearts, loving her more each day.

Heidi knew her little Misty was different and needed special care before we even did. Her cloudy eyes with damaged tear ducts hungered for affection, and that created her name. It became a common sight to see Heidi licking Misty’s eyes throughout the day. Perhaps to help relieve the pain or itching. It was obvious Misty loved it.

We all bonded so much with this precious Golden.

A few months older, and Misty no longer needed medication. She will always have an irregular heartbeat, the hair around her eyes and nose has grown back some, but will never look normal, and her tear ducts will create constant watery eyes.

Now, I don’t know if it’s possible for a dog to need a security toy, like Linus and his security blanket but Misty had to carry around a stuffed animal with her, everywhere! The two were inseparable, outdoors, indoors, and as a pillow.

Today, at six years old, Misty still carries a stuffed animal until it becomes too dirty to wash and has to be exchanged for another, but not a minute goes by she doesn’t have one.

Heidi still cleans her eyes several times a day, Misty makes sure of it. And, if her mother isn’t doing it, she now goes to her three year old brother Mac. He’ll do it, cause everyone loves Misty!

Sometimes, the odd apple in the bunch is the sweetest!

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Apr 21, 2013
I'd choose the underdog, too!
by: Carmen V.

Wonderfully written! I have always befriended the ones no one else sees merit in-dog or human.
Makes me want to give you both a hug-dog and human.

Feb 12, 2011
Feel closer to Misty
by: Sister

Touching and sweetly well written.

Feb 08, 2011
Feel Good Story
by: Megan

This is just one of those stories that makes your heart melt

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