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Our dog Lila knows the time !!

by Bryan and Tara
(chilliwack. BC, Canada)

My wife works in the evenings a few days per week. She works until 11:00pm.

The first time I realized Lila had an unusual internal clock was when I fell asleep (bad me!) around 10:30pm. I slept past my usual departure time to pick my wife up from work. I awoke to Lila licking my hand and making a funny whining noise. I awoke to see that it was 11pm on the nose. We always leave to pick up my wife at 10:50pm. Lila knew we were late.

Ever since that night that I fell asleep, Lila always comes to me on nights when her mom is at work to let me know that it's time to go!

Lila, our dog, knows what time it is !!!

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