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Neopolitan Mastiff


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The Neopolitan Mastiff is another very old bred.  It is thought to be a descendant of the Molussus breed of Ancient Roman times. Our Neapolitan Mastiffs of today are “made in italy”. 



Despite their size and ferocious history the Neapolitan Mastiffs of today are calm and placid in nature and are better described as a gentle giant rather than an aggressive fighter.  Being a natural guardian of home and family they are affectionate and gentle with the family, however have a dominant nature requiring experienced owners.   They will learn respect through good training and a stern voice and because they are so strong minded, will not respond to harsh treatment. These dogs are large, cumbersome and often clumsy and interestingly enough even though they are very easy going and fairly even tempered, they can also be pretty big sooks.  Because of their appearance they have a reputation as being efficient guard dogs where they will stop and stand their ground with a stare and if they have to use that deep loud bark that usually warns off approaching strangers. Being better suited to life as a loyal and dedicated companion, there is not much that will faze them as it takes quite a lot to make them respond in an aggressive manner.  



Height:   65-75cm (26-30").

Weight:  80kg  (175lb)

A true molossian, they retain all the characteristics of the ancient dog and at first sight the Neapolitan Mastiff often causes a feeling of awe and a sense of history with its massive head, huge bone structure and abundant skin and wrinkles.



The Neopolitan Mastiff only requires a weekly brush and bathing fortnightly to keep them looking in great shape however, when changing their annual coat daily brushing will definitely be required to remove all that dead and loose hair from their coat. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming salon provides these services.


Life Expectancy

8 Years


Health Concerns

Cherry eye is a relatively common occurrence in this breed with nearly 1 in 5 puppies developing one, but thankfully this is easily fixed.  As with all giant breeds, hips, elbows and hearts can be a problem area, making it wise to purchase from a breeder who extensively health tests breeding stock. If you obtain a sound, healthy puppy to start with and maintain the correct diet and environment you should produce a dog that will only visit the veterinarian annually for vaccinations and health checking.



If you ever wanted a dog in your life you will certainly know you have one if you choose this breed, as they are not for the faint hearted or inexperienced owner. Loyal and intelligent, they are not a child's dog, but are quite fine with families as long as the adults are in charge and like all big boned dog breeds, they demand a lot of attention and care to avoid health and temperament problems.  Surprisingly enough a large backyard is not necessary but it may be a good idea to allow the dogs to eat and drink outside.  The Neopolitan Mastiff are also inclined to slobber and dribble because of their loose jowls and pendulous lips.


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Working Dogs; This group  includes more breeds than any other. These dogs were bred to do a variety of work from guarding, herding, pulling sleds and rescue for example. A few in this group include Mastiff, Doberman and Old English Sheepdog to mention a few.


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