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My Dog TY the Rottweiler

by Brad
(Carlsbad, CA)

My (our) guy TY

My (our) guy TY

My guy Ty

I met my wife on line. We started to date outside our houses until our relationship grew to the point that we wanted to invite each other over to our homes. My wife wanted to invite me to her house but was hesitant as she had a 140 lb Rottweiler named Ty. Ty is a talker (growls) and had scared away a previous suitor. So she told me that she wanted to invite me over but that she had a dog. I replied "Great!! I love dogs!!". She said well he is a BIG dog. I said good I am not too fond of little ones as I don't like the sharp bark they make. I was getting ready to get another dog around that time too.

I had a 110 lb German Sheppard about 25 years ago and it was so hard on me when I had to put him down I hadn't had another dog since. I also warned her that I had a "way" with most animals and if we continued to date that Ty would become my dog. She smiled, laughed a little and said he has been my dog for 7 years, since he was a pup and had seen her husband through his battle with cancer and then her in the grieving after his passing. Ty was HER dog!

The day came when I went to her home for the first time and met Ty. He was lying in the doorway to her bedroom and didn't get up until I entered the front door. He started growling as he walked toward me. One look in his eyes however gave him away. He
was telling me "HI" and I had better be good to his master. He came up to me put his head on my hip and waited to be petted and scratched behind his ears. I had passed the test and was now OK for us to continue dating.

Several months went by and our relationship was growing. One day we were sitting on the couch. I was seated near the right armrest and she was laying across my lap as we were making out. Ty watched for a few minutes and decided he was going to do something about it. He calmly walked up to us, stuck his nose between me and the arm of the couch. That was his way of saying move over I am coming up. I moved over a little and up he jumped. I expected him to turn around and lay down but instead he kept facing the wall behind us. Then he looked over at us too careful aim and fell across my lap putting him between my wife and I. We weren't married yet. He was still facing the back of the couch and putting his fore paws on the back of the couch pushed his body away from the back of the couch pushing my wife off the couch. I was laughing so hard I could barely hold her up. She was also laughing hard. I then said to her, "I told you he would become my dog." She had a very surprised look on her face and I think that convinced her that I was the right guy for her.

We still get a smile on our faces when we recount that incident.

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