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Some days, it's hard enough for humans to get ourselves to the hairdresser, not to mention our beloved dogs. Work, scheduling, the kids, the weather; there is always going to be an excuse to avoid taking the dog for a proper grooming.

We love our pets, and we do our best to give them the very best care and attention they deserve. Everything from gourmet food and treats, to luxurious bedding and toys; why not indulge your beloved pet in the pampering he deserves? If you don't have time to take your dog to a groomer, the groomer can come to you!

Mobile dog grooming vanThe business of mobile dog grooming has become more popular since many people no longer have the time to fit it into their busy schedules. It's important to stay on a regular grooming schedule to ensure your dog's coat stays free of mats and tangles. Plus, this will ensure your dog gets used to regular handling by groomers. Finding a good mobile dog groomer who can accommodate your busy schedule is crucial to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Remember, dogs, like humans, spend a great deal of time outdoors and need to be carefully monitored for fleas, ticks and other vermin that could potentially cause skin issues, leading to infection or disease. We groom ourselves regularly, so of course, dogs need and deserve the same attention. Part of a thorough grooming includes inspection for fleas and ticks, which is imperative, especially in the summer months when the flea and tick populations are at their height.

A good mobile dog groomer will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule. Check with other dog owners in your community to see which mobile groomer they prefer, or ask your vet if he or she can recommend anyone. It's always a good idea to check references and make sure the groomer you choose is properly licensed and insured. Keep in mind that every breed of dog has different needs when it comes to grooming. An English Cocker Spaniel will need special attention around the ears and muzzle. A Golden Retriever also needs special attention paid to its floppy ears, as well as routine grooming to control their year-round tendency to shed.

An experienced mobile dog groomer will have experience with many different breeds of dogs, and will be able to tend to their specific grooming needs. Let's not forget about our lovable mixed-breed rescue dogs; they encompass the characteristics of two or more breeds, which makes them susceptible to multiple skin and coat issues. They require special loving care and attention so their skin, coat and teeth stay healthy and clean.

K9 Toronto mobile dog groomers are experts when it comes to taking great care of your dogs. They have experience with many different breeds and are available for head-to-toe pampering anywhere in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. When you can't get to the groomer, don't stress; K9 Toronto has you covered. Their fully-outfitted vans provide your dog with a spa-like grooming not many humans get to experience! Not only will K9 Toronto provide expert dog grooming services, they also perform dog walking and pet taxi services, giving you a full-service pet care option whenever you need it.

For more information, visit their web site at

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