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Dogs can be quite adventurous at times and like to go out and explore, but it is a sad fact that missing dogs don’t really understand the panic and distress they instil on their owners when they can't find their way home.  Lost dogmissing dogs


The other day I was out walking my dog very early in the morning when a lady pulled up in her car and frantically asked me if I had seen her Maltese dog anywhere during my travels.  She was just beside herself and I wish I could have said I did, but I wasn’t able to tell her what she wanted to hear. With a sad thank you she slowly drove off to continue on with her mission. 


As I looked down at my beloved dog wagging his tail, it made me think, how I would feel if that very same thing had happened to me. You get up in the morning, go outside and call your dog's name and nothing.  No response, no dog, immediate panic.  You go combing the yard frantically calling out your dog’s name, getting louder with each call; but nothing.  You dash out to the front of your house, just in case he did get out and is sitting at the front door wanting to get in (preferred scenario).  Nothing again.  Yes, I think to myself, that would be me, just like that lady I would be off patrolling the streets but more than likely screaming out my dog's name and waking up the whole neighbourhood.




It is important to remember that when a dog goes missing, the more people that know and the quicker you can get the message out into your neighbourhood the better your chances are of finding your lost dog safe and sound. 


You could post flyers around your neighbourhood, post on social media/Facebook which often have Lost and Found Dog pages for your local neighbourhood, visit or call your local dog pound, rescue shelters or even ask your regional radio station to mention it for you on air.  The ultimate preferred result is the happy and safe return of your much loved dog.


It is also important to make sure your dog has identification.  It is worth considering getting your dog microchipped.  If your dog is found and identified you will be reunited with your best friend.


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Have you found or lost a dog? Post a Missing Dog Notice on your local Facebook Lost and Found Dogs page, post local flyers or call your local Dog Rescue Shelter or Pount to help re-unite owner and dog.






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