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Miniature Pinscher


Dog Photos - Miniature Pinscher



Being acknowledged as a breed more than 200 years old where the Miniature Pinscher was known as the ZwergPinscher in Germany, its country of origin. It received official stud book recognition in 1880.  They are not a scaled down version of the much larger Doberman, as it was not until 1890 that Louis Dobermann bred his first real Doberman Pinscher.



The Miniature Pinscher is suited to all life styles and is alert but wary, which should not be confused with timidity.   Their acute hearing makes them a good little watchdog and they adjust well to people of all ages.  They also have a tendency to become very possessive of their owners and territory. 



Height:   30cm (12in.)

Weight:  3.5-4.5kg (8-10lb)

A true miniature is a small but sturdy, smooth coated toy dog. They have a smooth, short glossy coat which normally comes in various shades of red or black & tan, however, they can also be chocolate and tan or blue and tan.  Their general appearance is of a naturally well groomed, vigorous, alert and hardy little dog.



These magnificent looking dogs have a short, sleek coat which is very easy to maintain with a weekly wipe over and light brushing. Some owners have warned against bathing too frequently as the skin is prone to drying making it become irritated.


Life Expectancy

12-17 Years


Health Concerns

Some minor health concerns are found occasionally such as luxating patellas (slipping kneecap) and entropion (rolled-in eyelid).  Their fine leather ears are sensitive to the cold and can crack and bleed in cold weather or with fly bites in summer. Apart from that this small hardy breed suffers very few other inherent health problems, and is quite adaptable to either indoor or outdoor living.  



Miniature Pinschers are just great dogs for families with school-age children, as breeders say they are hardier than they look and will join in the rough and tumble without danger of injury or retaliation.   Even the elderly find them a great companion, being small, cheap to feed, amenable to life indoors and a good watchdog. 

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