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The Maltese is probably one of the world’s oldest dog breeds and its origins stem from the ancient Melita breed from Malta.  It was seen to be a favourite of the upper classes in ancient Rome, Greece and steady companions in the time of Elizabeth I of well-born English ladies.  Today it is seen to be a particularly highly popular dog in Japan.



These playful and intelligent little dogs don’t just thrive on attention, they demand attention.  They adore their owners and in many ways they are child-like, a fact that potential owners should keep in mind.  They posses a great personality and are the least aggressive of all popular small breeds. 



Group: Toy Dog

They come in just one colour ‘white’.  The grow to around 20-25cm (8-10”) and weighs between 2 - 3kg (4 – 6lbs).   Sporting a gorgeous long, silky coat and a cute as a button face, these compact and adorable dogs are just so very huggable.


Maltese Terrier



With its long, silky and abundant coat, they require almost daily brushing and combing to ensure its beautiful white coat doesn’t end up in a tangled mess, which it really doesn’t mind at all.  Anything for extra attention.  If you are one of those busy people who don’t have time to do this on a daily basis, regular visits to your local Dog Grooming Salon for haircuts would be my suggestion to keep everything nice and tidy.


Life Expectancy

On the average their life span ranges from 13 to 15 years.



They do suffer from eye infections and one way to avoid this would be to ensure their hair is kept away from their eyes.  Gum disease is also very common with this breed so regular brushing of their teeth and occasional bone ( such as a chicken neck or two)  would prove to be very beneficial in the prevention of this occurring as they age.  They are known to be fussy eaters and do possess delicate digestive system.



The easy going personality of the Maltese makes it a highly suitable companion for the first-time dog owner because it is easily trainable and not at all destructive.  Because of it’s compact size it is quite happy with a small yard or city living as long as it gets regular walks. 

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Toy Dogs: the common feature amongst these dogs is that they are all small, even if they come in a variety of different shapes. A few in this group include the Chihuahua, Havanese and Japanese Chin to mention a few.


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