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Lakeland Terrier


Lakeland Terrier



In the Lake District of the UK, the mountainous, rocky terrain is unsuitable for hunting fox on horseback. Foxes were hunted on foot and this is where the Lakeland Terrier's great stamina for fox and rabbit hunting, and sheep predator control, was derived.  They just love running all day with the hounds, unlike his close cousin, the fox terrier, who would have been carried in a saddle bag to be released only when the fox had gone to earth.



These friendly dogs are outwardly bold, and confident. Shyness is very atypical, as is aggressiveness. Intelligent and independent minded, especially when going after prey, they are quick to learn but can be very challenging to train.



Height:   33-38cm (13-14.5 inches)

Weight:   7-8 kg (16-17 lbs)

Group: Terrier

Being very similar in breeding to the Welsh Terrier this dog has thick, hard hair that is coloured black and tan, blue and tan, red-gray, red, wheat, liver, blue, or black. They have an upright tail and are known for their minimal shedding of hair.



It is quite important that the Lakeland Terrier is trimmed at least 4 to 6 times a year. Clipping is acceptable for the pet dog because it keeps them looking neat and tangle free. If you are able to find someone to hand strip your dog you will pay more than for clipping but the result will be a harsher more deeply coloured coat. Regular combing out in between clipping is also essential. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming salon provides these services.


Life Expectancy

14 - 16 Years 


Health Concerns

Fortunately this particular breed suffers from very few hereditary problems and is regarded as sound and healthy. Increase your dog's life span by feeding it with quality dog food.



An ideal companion and family dog, suited to both town and country living.  To ensure that the Lakeland Terrier will live happily and reliably with other household pets it should be familiarized with them at a very early age.   Early socialization with people and other dogs, and basic obedience is also recommended.

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Terriers: dogs in this group were bred to drive foxes, rabbits and other quarry from their underground retreats. A few in this group include Scottish Terrier, West Highland White Terrier   and Cairn Terrier to mention a few.


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