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English Setter

Gundog - English Setter

 German Shorthaired Pointer

Gundog - German Shorthaired Pointer

 and Hungarian Vizsla,

Gundog - Hungarian Vizsla

 to mention a few






Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever


Originally found in Newfoundland the Labrador Retriever was used in many capacities by cod-fishermen where they were expected to retrieve the fish that slipped out of the net and flapped on the icy surface of the sea. These Labradors were well suited to cope with freezing salt spray, snowy and icy near-Arctic winds, and with their willingness to help and please which persists to this day, they must have been the most useful helpers. The Labrador still works in strong tides, and on slippery rocks, in woods and on snow and ice, and exactly the same type of dogs are required today as was used by the fisherman of the cod banks.  In the early 1880’s, in the north of England, a few landowners were quick to realise the value of the dogs as a sporting and working dog, and a breeding strain was soon established.  It was in the early 1930’s, a Mrs Austin imported the first Labradors into Australia.





Labradors are their happiest when they are with you.  They are loving, people oriented dogs and will constantly be bringing you things they have found lying about the house or yard.  They are wonderfully patient with children and make a great addition to any family.  Not known for their guard dog qualities they may bark quite protectively but will generally not act more aggressively than that.  They take many things in their stride, are very stable, not getting upset by strange things or occurrences and would more than likely lick someone to death than hurt them.  Used as guide dogs, drug and bomb detector dogs their superior stability of temperament and trainability makes them one of the most popular choices for a family pet.


Height:   54-63cm (21-25in)

Weight:  25-36kg (55-80lb)

Group: Gundogs

Labradors come in three colours: black, chocolate and yellow which are often mistakenly called Golden Labradors and the term yellow refers to a range of colours from nearly white to gold. Their double coat and soft down undercoat keeps them dry and warm in cold water and the hard outer coat helps them repel water.  Their predominant characteristics are their wonderful temperament and coat which tends to shed a lot of hair when molting.  With their alert expression, the Labrador Retriever conveys a kind, friendly temperament.



Because they posses a smooth, short-haired, double coat they are very easy to groom.  Brush them regularly with a firm, bristle brush, paying attention to the undercoat and bathe or dry shampoo only as necessary.  Being average shedders, Labradors are very much “wash and wear” dogs, however if limited by time it is a good idea to take your dog for trips to the dog grooming parlour as required.


Life Expectancy

12 Years (approx) 


Health Concerns

Labradors are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas and eye problems such as cataracts.  Because of their floppy ears trapping warm moist air they are sometimes prone to ear infections. Due to their love of food and eating, Labradors can easily become overweight  and a healthy Labrador should keep a very slight hourglass waist and be fit and light, rather than fat or heavy-set. Excessive weight is a strong risk factor in the later development of health problems such as hip dysplasia, joint problems and diabetes thus being a contributing factor to a shorter lifespan. Always try to feed good quality dog food to extend the life and health of your dog.



Labrador Retrievers will do okay in an apartment if exercised regularly, daily, with a brisk long walk or jogging alongside you when you cycle.  As they are moderately active indoors, they will do best with at least an average-sized yard.  They make a great family pet.

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Labrador Retrievers are globally popular, with appeal and characteristics that make them suitable as domestic dogs and working dogs.

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Gundogs were all bred to assist in the hunting and retrieving of game. A few in this group include the Irish Water Spaniel, Golden Retriever and English Cocker Spaniel to mention a few



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