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Kerry Blue Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier



Originating from Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier’s true origin is slightly obscure, with many differentiating tales abounding and it seems that the original story of how the Kerry “came to be”, has been altered as the history of this endearing dog has been handed to each generation.  Even though some people may not agree on the Kerry’s fore-runners, it would seem that they agree that the breed itself reaches well back into the early 19th century where they were used for hunting rodents and small game, herding stock, guarding the home and minding the children making it a very well rounded and all purpose farm dog.



This ideal family dog has an excellent disposition towards their human family members and to any person introduced to them as a friend, but at the same time being the very good watch dog. Being a typical terrier, they will become argumentative with strange dogs if the other dog shows aggression towards them first.



Height:   45-48cm  (17-18 1/2in)

Weight:  14-18kg   (31-39 1/21b)

This medium sized dog of upstanding and well knit proportion is one of the most handsome and striking dogs because much of his charm stems from his striking dense and silky coat. The coat comes in the attractive colour of any shade of blue from silver to dark blue and will catch the eye immediately. They possess a well developed and muscular body with an attitude of alert determination, displaying that definite terrier style and character throughout.



These dogs really need to be groomed daily, bathed frequently and trimmed at your local dog grooming parlour every 8 weeks or so to keep them looking drop-dead gorgeous.  It would be great if you are able to learn to do it yourself, but be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on the right equipment and plenty of time and patience to learn this rewarding “art”. 


Life Expectancy

10-15 Years 


Health Concerns

Fortunately the Kerry Blue Terrier is normally a very hardy and healthy breed and compared to many other purebred dogs does not have many congenital or inherited health problems.  As long as they receive plenty of exercise, good quality dog food and lots of human interaction, they will make a happy and healthy companion to any family.


For the active family, couple or single. The Kerry Blue Terrier gets very attached to their handlers and family. They get on well with other pets but are also quite happy as the only pet in the yard. Provided you are confident in yourself, can be consistent and value a dog that has a nature all of his own, then the Kerry Blue will be a good choice.

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Terriers; dogs in this group were bred to drive foxes, rabbits and other quarry from their underground retreats. A few in this group include Airedale Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier and Silky Terrier to mention a few.


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