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Japanese Spitz


Japanese Spitz



The Japanese Spitz is a blend of a few small Spitz varieties, kept as pet’s last century.  In the 1900's the white version had a popular following and the type was refined until it was recognized by the Japanese Kennel Club in the 1950's. However, because of quarantine restrictions, most of Australia's dogs came from the United Kingdom and Sweden. They are now becoming very popular pets and are well sought after.



Active, loyal and bright the Japanese Spitz are known for their great courage, affection and devotion making them great watchdogs and ideal companions for older people and small children. They are small enough to enjoy being a lap dog, but do possess an independent nature and a strong will of their own so new owners need to be firm with their pups, although not harsh. They truly are a family dog and thrive on human companionship. Highly intelligent, alert, bold and lively they are always eager to please with each dog developing its own personality. Tending to be wary of complete strangers that rush up to them without formal introduction, they do prefer a gentle approach, after which you have a friend for life.



Dogs:    30-37cm (11 ½-4 ½ inc) Dogs:
Bitches:  7-8½kgs (15-18lbs)

Because it is a small, fluffy white dog with sharply pointed muzzle the Japanese Spitz are often mistaken as a small or miniature Samoyed. The Japanese Spitz is covered with a thick, snow white stand-off coat, which consists of a long straight outer coat held by a profuse and soft under coat. The head has a sharply pointed muzzle and triangular shaped ears standing erect with a tail of medium length and a rich fringe of long hair and curled over the back. Their body is firm, strong and flexible with fore and hindquarters which are well proportioned, balanced with generally noble like appearance.



Even though the Japanese Spitz sports a long pure white coat and contrary to most people’s expectations their coat is very easy to look after and is indeed classed as a low maintenance breed.  Their coat will require brushing at least three times a week, especially during their shedding season. Due to their texture/silky component, mud and dirt fall off or can be brushed out quite easily. They don’t have a doggy smell and while they love to play in the dirt, this is a fastidiously clean dog that does not like getting dirty and, like a cat, will lick itself clean. Provided they are groomed weekly they will only require bathing once a month. They shed their coat twice a year and will usually only last one week. If you don't have the time / if you cant find the time to bath or groom your dog, why not drop it off at your local dog grooming salon.


Life Expectancy

12-16 Years


Health Concerns

Medically they are a very sound dog and even though luxating patellas have been found in some lines, which can be aggravated by obesity, however it is not anywhere near the problem it was due to  careful breeding.



Although the Japanese Spitz will choose one family member as their leader to bond more closely with it will still remain a family dog seeming to thrive on the different attention and affections from each family member.  A young puppy of 3-12 months could prove to be a "handful" for children under the age of 5 without adult supervision however they also make an excellent and loving companion for a single person.  If they are bored they can be a bit mischievous and as they are an active breed enjoy being taken for a walk even though they don’t really require a vast amount of exercise. Because they thrive on human companionship, they enjoy living both indoors and outdoors, in fact they enjoy being wherever you are.  They are not a dog you can leave in the backyard and forget, but at the same time don’t really have to have another dog as a companion as they are quite happy to be the only dog in the backyard and get all the attention for themselves.


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