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Japanese Chin


Japanese Chin



The highly prized Japanese Chin were called the aristocrat of the Oriental world.  Famous for their expression of astonishment, they originally came from China, being sent to Japan as a gift to the Empress. They are now seen all over the world. One of life's mysteries is why the Japanese Chin is still comparatively rare and unknown because here is a little dog that has it all - it is easy to care for, lovely to look at, and has even had Royal patronage. Queen Alexandra owned 261 of them! The Japanese Chin is one of the most ancient of breeds and its exact history is difficult to determine, but ancestors can be traced back to China or Korea more than 1100 years ago and were so highly regarded that no “commoner” could possess one.



Intelligent, happy, lively, good natured with a gentle temperament is the best way to describe the Japanese Chin. While they are content to sit quietly on your lap or curled up in a chair, they are also ready for a game, and love to race around madly. They are sweet natured dogs that make great companions who just love to be cuddled and get lots of attention. Small children are not advised to be with them as pups as they are a very small breed and can be injured easily if dropped or rough handled. They love being part of the family and bond well with both people and other animals.



Height:  20-25cm (71/2-91/2in)

Weight: 2.5-4kg (51/2-61/21b)

With their flat face and surprised expression, what a small, dainty and loveable dog these dogs are.  With black and white being the most popular colour they also come in red and white, sable and tri-colours.


Not a lot of grooming is required however, they do shed hair and when moulting leave the house covered in “snowballs”! They do not mind being groomed and bathed as long as you can get them used to it from an early age. A weekly groom and bath is enough to keep their coats in tip top condition.  But it is important to ensure you clean any folds around the eyes daily to prevent tear staining. If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming salon provides these services.

Life Expectancy

10 -16 Years


Health Concerns

Japanese Chins are known to be a very outgoing and healthy breed.  As they are in the toy breed category they do have a few health problems associated with being a small dog such as patella’s, heart defects and tracheal collapse.



As Japanese Chins do not like to be teased or be part of very rough play they are best suited to the older person or families where there are no young children.  They are indoor dogs and bred only to be companions.  If this dog is kept continually outside it will end up very unhappy, so if the family or owner is out all day, then this dog is not suitable for you. It should be said too that a Chin exercises a certain amount of independence, and being sensitive will react badly to harsh discipline. They also do not tolerate the heat well and it is not advised to keep this dog outside in the warm or hot weather. Cold weather does not seem to be a bother but heat stress can be a real problem for this breed.


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