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I Heart Shakey


Here is our recent interview with Kevin Cooper, Director of I Heart Shakey. This great movie is a must see, heartwarming comedy for children and families. "Man's best friend has just become Chandler's biggest adventure" teaching us a valuable lesson about love, loyalty and the importance of keeping a family together.

The cast includes Steve Lemme (Broken Lizard comedian, Super Troopers, Beerfest), Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy franchise, 3 Men and a Baby), Beverly D'Angelo (National Lampoons Vacation movies), Alfonso Arau (Three Amigos), 12-year-old Rylie Behr, and a rescue dog named Ebony.


I Heart Shakey Movie 


Q -  What made you want to make a movie about this dog?


I Heart Shakey is based on the true story of our life when we moved from NYC to Beverly Hills.

Our faithful companion, our pet dog that we adopted from a farm in Chaplin Connecticut, was not welcome in our new home. This was before the internet was widely used and so we put up handmade posters all around Los Angeles advertising our beloved pooch needed a loving family. We tried numerous times to find Chaplin a new home, but each time we left him with a family/couple, we would receive a call within a few hours telling us to come get our mutt! We realized after about 12 attempts that Chaplin was acting out because he wanted to be with us. He was not giving up on us, so why were we giving up on him? We got our priorities straight and found a new home for all of us! Chaplin sadly died a few years ago, and in loving memory of our time with him, we wanted to make this movie about the love and joy he brought to our lives.




Q - Why did you choose a rescue dog?


The story of I Heart Shakey is based on our dog. We rescued him and felt it was important to look for and highlight the significant impact a rescue dog can bring into all our lives. There are millions of pets out there needing a loving home. Our lives were changed forever by our little dog and we wanted to share his story of love and loyalty.


Q - Tell us a little bit about Ebony, the rescue dog and how she came to be in the movie?



Ebony was one day away from being euthanized when Frances and her family rescued Ebony from the Humane Society. Frances fell in love with Ebony and it is apparent how much Ebony loves and tries to please Frances with every trick, lick and hug! Frances has trained Ebony to give back anyway she can, visiting hospitals, schools and those in need of a little extra love in their day.




I Heart Shakey Cast members.



Q - Where is Ebony now?


Ebony lives in New Mexico and is nearing retirement age. She continues to be the lovable mutt she plays on screen. She enjoys the attention of being a Hollywood star, but mostly enjoys being a beloved pet.


Q - Tell us a little bit about the Dog Trainer?

Frances is a grandmother that shares her nurturing spirit with everyone she meets. Frances loves to teach and talk with every fan, introducing people to the wonderful addition a rescue dog can bring into each of our lives. Frances tirelessly traveled the nation to let all our fans meet Ebony, share the story of I Heart Shakey and the film's message of love and loyalty.


Q - What advice do you have for those wanting a career as a director?

I think the best advice is "to follow your dreams". Thank you Kevin for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers and we wanted to say we loved I Heart Shakey.



DID YOU KNOW the top grossing movie of all time is "Marley and Me" (2008) $142,992,475 featuring a dog. There are many great movies featuring dogs just like I Heart Shakey.

Check out our other interviews with famous people and how they either work or share their lives with dogs. Some of these dogs were rescued from dog adoption shelters.



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