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Heroic Zena, Staffordshire Terrier, saves the day!

(Bannockburn Victoria)

Zena, Our Heroic Dog

Zena, Our Heroic Dog

Zena the Staffordshire Terrier is being hailed a hero after the 10 year old pooch jumped on a deadly Tiger snake as it was about to enter the house where three young children were playing at home in Bannockburn near Geelong, Victoria. Their mother saw the reptile first and started screaming which prompted the children to follow her lead.

It was at this stage that Zena took matters into her own paws by jumping on the one metre long snake breaking its spine with her jaws.

In the 10 years the Schulz family have lived in Bannockburn they have never had a snake in the house.

Amazingly this heroic dog has lived to tell the tale! Since the incident happened, Zena has been spoiled and treated by her family to a cake!

View the video

Comments for Heroic Zena, Staffordshire Terrier, saves the day!

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Feb 25, 2018
Did she live NEW
by: Anonymous

Pinterest says she died, gave her life. This post said she lived. Which is correct? Either way, good dog...

Oct 13, 2017
Zena NEW
by: Sandy Matza

Zena is the Bravest Dog , she risked her life to save her families life. Zena you are a Hero . Good Girl !!!!! .

Oct 09, 2017
Family Hero NEW
by: Anonymous

Absolutely wonderful dog. She protected her family. You are the best Zena.

Sep 15, 2017
What happened to Zena? NEW
by: Manon

Very confusing!

Did Zena die or not?

Aug 09, 2017
Zena NEW
by: Paul london

Zena is a brave dog and a wonderfull pet and friend, it says in the initial advert that she died but hear it says she survived???
I hope she survived she is an amazing dog and I hope the family appreciate just how special she is !!!!!

Feb 14, 2015
Warrior Princess saves the day
by: Anonymous

Wish you all the happiness,comfort,health and rawhide chews in the World our brave little warrior princess...!

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