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The Greyhound is a sleek, mean racing machine.  It is renowned to be the fastest breed of dog over a short distance reaching anything up to 43 mph.  It had been bred for thousands of years to originally hunt other animals, but happily nowadays it just chases around that elusive mechanical rabbit on race-tracks which really it never seems to be able to catch.



What can I say, they just make the most wonderful pet. They possess this fantastic sense of humor, love to be around people, are quiet, extraordinarily friendly, restrained and very clean. Basically they are just a pleasure to have around.  They just love to be around children and are very gentle with them.  Not an overly boisterous dog they prefer to be with a family that lives quietly, but are prepared to do a lot of walking and running with them, as they just love those open spaces like sandy beaches and open paddocks where they can just let loose and work those legs.



Height:  27 – 31 inches (68 – 78cms)

Weight: 55 – 66lbs (25 – 30 kgs). 

They come in all types of colours and markings you could imagine, have a long sleek body, deep chest, muscular and powerful back legs and a long and curved tail.



Grooming you say, what grooming!  The Greyhound has a silky smooth short fine coat and because this breed of dog keeps themselves so clean, all they really need is a going over with a soft short bristled brush every now and again.  As long as you keep their nails trimmed on a regular basis and give them a nice bath to freshen them up now and again, the grooming is taken care of.


Life Expectancy

12 – 14 years.



They really don't have any known health problems within their breed, however if they are a racing dog, they do regularly suffer from muscular sprains and strains, bruising and toe injuries, depending on their level of fitness and incidents during a race.  Most racing Greyhounds retire around the age of 4 years, unless injuries have forced them to retire earlier. 



This breed is suitable for the more experienced dog owner, however, if you are fortunate enough to be able to adopt an ex racing dog which has been detrained, because of all the constant human interaction it has received over the years you will have a dog which will fit into your household very easily without any problems at all.


If you are considering a Greyhound as your next pet there are Greyhound Rescue Shelters dedicated to retraining ex-racing Greyhounds for rehoming. Find a shelter in your local area. 


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 At maximum acceleration, a racing greyhound reaches a full speed of 70 kmph within 30 metres or six strides from the boxes, traveling at almost 20 metres per second for the first 250 metres of a race




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