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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for your Local Dog Adoption Shelter

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Anybody can put together fundraising ideas and activities for their local Rescue shelter or dog adoption centre. Many of the dog adoption centres are non profit organisations funded by donations so they can care for homeless dogs. Their staff and many volunteers are dedicated people who love animals. Dog pounds and animal refuges are full of wonderful pets just waiting for someone to rescue them.

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Fundraising Ideas

Just a few helpful fundraising ideas to get started. Fundraising can be fun and most importantly beneficial to helping raise much needed funds for your local dog shelter.

Sausage Sizzle
Why not hold a sausage sizzle at your school, workplace or community group?

Ask for an item to be donated as a prize from your contacts in business or work and recruit friends, family and colleagues to sell raffle tickets and raise as much money as you can.

Trivia Night
Trivia nights are a fun way of getting people together to raise funds. Ask friends, family, colleagues to fill tables of ten at a set cost per person eg: $10. There could be ten rounds of ten questions with small prizes for the winning table per round and a prize for the overall winner. A great night and a great fundraising idea.

Put your Chef's hat on and cook up a storm
Whip up some slices, cakes, sweets and ask your friends, family and colleagues to buy your treats with the proceeds going to your local dog shelter. If you're not so hot in the kitchen buy sweets / treats in bulk and place in the tearoom at work for a small fee and let everyone know you are fundraising for your local animal shelter.

Guessing Competition
How many dog biscuits, jelly bean, coins in a jar? Ask for a coin donation to guess and the closest guess wins a small prize with proceeds going to your local shelter.

For another great fundraising idea, collect all your unwanted items and auction them on eBay and donate the money to your local shelter. Your unwanted items such as books, paintings, golf clubs will be someone else's treasure.

Garage Sale
Get together with friends and collect unwanted household items such as books, clothes, furniture, paintings and hold a garage sale.

Movie Nights
Cinemas can be really helpful and open their doors for a movie screening with a percentage of the sales going towards your favorite local animal shelter.

Casual Dress Day
Organise a casual dress day at work or school. Have a theme such as dressing up as your favorite animal. Ask participants for a gold coin donation for your local dog adoption shelter.

Fundraising Calendar

Create your own Dog Shelter Calendar. Either put photos of shelter dogs on each month of the year or even better let people select a date and put a picture of their own dog/pet on the calendar. They make a great gift.

Walking, Cycling or Swimming to raise money

Keep fit and raise money! It could be walking from one town to another or just around a sporting field. Involve your friends and their pets and start a relay. If walking is not your thing what about swimming or cycling? Have people pledge money for every mile/km walked, cycled or lap swum.

Brendon and JoJo raising money for cancer research

Brendon and JoJo, an 8 year old German Shepherd X have walked from Geelong to Cairns Australia, over 4000kms to raise money for Cancer Research.


As well as fundraising why not consider fostering a dog through one of the many Foster Programs for dogs. School holidays, Easter and Christmas are very busy times for many shelters. They are always looking for long term, casual and weekend carers to assist.


Remember that dogs and other pets can't do a lot of things for themselves and that they depend on us!

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Every Day Hero and My Cause
Everyday heroes are the people, just like you, that give our dog shelters and pet rescue shelters support through donations.

Spread the word, inspire support and raise money for a cause you care about. It's fun to help. Websites such as Everyday Hero and MyCause support hundreds of fundraising events around Australia, New Zealand and Asia. No matter what your interest is, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference.








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