Fireworks and Dogs 



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Fireworks and Dogs
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Hear that? It's the sound of fireworks and dogs everywhere are running for cover. We provide a few tips below about fireworks and dogs.


Fireworks and dogs

Annual celebrations may involve fireworks so find out how to keep your dogs safe and secure.


Everybody is celebrating except your dog. Lightening and thunder has the same effect. If your dog can't find you it could bolt and try to run away from the noise or hide somewhere you can't find your dog while your out having a good time.

If you are at home and the fireworks are nearby you have probably tried everything to calm them down, to bring them out of their hiding place, but as much as you try, they won't stop profusely panting, whining or pawing.

A fear of fireworks and thunder is a fairly common phobia in dogs. They often find the loud, unpredictable noise and bright displays of light a frightening experience. Even a confident dog can tremble at the unfamiliar sounds. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help them get through the festivities.

Here are a few easy tips to help ease your dog's anxiety of fireworks or thunder.

Like every loving dog owner, you need to provide a safe, secure place so your dog can't escape, be injured or become lost but try as we may, sometimes your pooch may find a way out. Be sure to attach their name to their collar with your phone number even if your pet is micro chipped so they don't end up at the pound or only as a last option. Not only does this mean if someone finds your dog they can call them by their name, they can also call you.

If you are going out make arrangements for your dog to be supervised to help prevent injury or escape with friends or consider boarding your dog so they will be safe. Dogs have been known to jump through plate glass windows to escape loud noises, and easily jump over or dig their way under fences that would normally contain them.

There are aids and remedies to calm your dog especially if your dog suffers from high anxiety. There are remedies that can help with all types of anxiety in fact, regardless of the cause - help with over-excitability, nervousness, separation anxiety and of course, storm or fireworks.

If there is an anticipated fireworks display in your neighborhood, you can begin getting your dog used to the sounds. This is to desensitize your dog to the noise.

Find a dvd or recording of fireworks. Play the dvd at the lowest possible volume a few times during the day while doing things your dog likes, such as at meal times, cuddle time, or a game of tug of war. Slowly begin to raise the volume of the dvd over several days.

If at any point your dog begins to show signs of fear, turn the volume down to a point where they feel more comfortable. Repeat this several times each day until your dog can hear the sounds of the fireworks without becoming fearful.


Remember keep your pooch safe and secure!


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