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Feel Good Dog Story

Taitti's First Adventures


Taitti, a Springer Spaniel
Taitti, our 8 year old Springer Spaniel
Taitti's full name is Taittinger (champagne) known as Taitti
(could be construed as tatty - ie scruffy or tattie which is Scottish for potato)Submitted by: Sheila Munro Tulloch, Scotland

I was born on Thursday 1st August  2002, at the Mill House, Biggar. My mum is called Rosie and my dad who is a sprocker is called Alfie.

During my first few weeks I slept a lot, played with my nine brothers and sisters and drank milk. My humans were called David and Susan. I also lived with my grandmother and two other doggy friends. We were all a very happy bunch except for the day the nasty vet chopped my tail.


Suddenly my world changed on Saturday 21st September 2002, when I was put up for sale to find my own way in the world away from my family. Sheila came along on that sunny afternoon with another new spaniel friend called  Bramble. I was chosen first out of all my brothers and sisters to start my adventures in life. Cute eyes work every time.

And so, I was christened Taittinger otherwise known as Taitti to my friends and took up residence in Castlegait House, Strathaven. On the way there I travelled in a car which was a new experience for me and one of many I was to encounter in my first few days.

As soon as I arrived at my new home I rushed out to the garden to inspect it and make my mark on the grass. Then I was treated to my first meal all to myself with no brothers or sisters competing for food. Bramble would have eaten it though given a chance.

Tired out from my efforts, I fell asleep in my new bedroom. Pity it has wire mesh on all four sides (dog crate).  Next thing I knew I woke up and had to get dressed in a Tweety Pie collar (scratch scratch scratch). On Saturday night I introduced myself properly to Bramble but not sure she likes me as much as I love her. Sheila is wonderful to me and her smell is great . I think she will become my new bestest friend next to Bramble. Bit scary on my own overnight and I did need a grass stop so I shouted loud at 1.20am and my friends came downstairs and let me out. Got to give a good impression re my manners.

Got up bright and breezy early Sunday morning and after visiting the grass and eating my breakfast I checked out the top of the garden and went for a ride in Sheila’s arms for the papers. Can’t understand why I can’t run around and sniff like Bramble. Played and played all day till I fell asleep again. Hard work being a little puppy with short legs. Woke up and explored the house . The stairs are a breeze going up but a bit scary on the way down . Lost my new mummy when I came out of my dog crate after another sleep and went upstairs myself to look for her. Had to cry for help and ring the little bell on my collar. I was so frightened I had a little accident on the wooden floor.

Happy and exhausted I went to bed dreaming of my adventurous day finding new things to explore and sniff out. Cuddles are a must and there seems to be plenty of them around here even if Bramble pretends not to like me really, she does let me play with her millions of toys. I must be good looking as I had to pose for lots of photo shots today. Wonder if my brothers and sisters are having such fun in their new homes??

Monday morning saw a new routine! People went off  to  work so I played for an hour or so. Funny things humans do in the bathroom! I spent the day with Bramble in the kitchen in my dog crate.  Alan came in at lunch time to feed me and let me out to play for a while. Sheila came home early just for me ( I must be kind of special ) and we all played and played and played till I was ready for a little sleep.  Found out by magic how to retrieve a dumbbell.  I’m a natural !! but then I was taken off to the vets. Nice girl who said I was beautiful then stuck a needle in me. Another one in two weeks !!!!!!!!! I was so sleepy I fell sound asleep on the reception desk at the vets. People thought I was a cuddly toy not a real dog!!!!!

Sheila went out to play badminton so I played and slept beside Bramble in the kitchen. We did not fall out this time. I was then put in a box and went in the car to visit my Aunty Betty. Told this is the person I will stay with if Sheila is away from home. She takes the puppy training school I have been told I will attend and must be a good one as you have to pay to take me??  She thought I was cute and took my photo as I slept on the kitchen worktop. Home at last to bed. So tired I never woke up all night.

Tuesday morning I played like crazy in the garden and the bedroom with our toys. Bramble says I can borrow them if she doesn’t want to play with them. Bramble lies on the human's bed and looks down on me while I play. Wonder what the view is like from up there? Will find out when my legs grow. Tonight I had my first real fight with a big black puppy. I jumped at it, and growled and barked all ferocious like and it did the same back to me, then when I really went to grab him I got a sore nose (mirrored wardrobe doors are pretty solid things).

Oh well another great day and lots of new adventures to dream about.

dog stories
Taitti as she is now aged 8 years.
See Sheila's other Springer Spaniel, Chabis


Sheila and Brambles. Sheila describes Brambles, who was 16 years old in this photo, as the original Peter Pan, with no sign of aging on her face. She was also the smallest Springer Spaniel ever.  We thank Sheila for submitting these beautiful photos and taking the time to send in their stories for all our readers to enjoy.

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