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English Toy Terrier


English Toy Terrier



Reputed to be the oldest English toy breed in existence the English Toy Terrier originated in England and has been around since the 17 century. In Great Britain in the 1800’s, the sport of rat killing reached its peak and this was where the original Manchester Terrier type (also known as the Black and Tan Terrier) was very popular amongst the poor and was fairly varied in type, with Italian Greyhound and Whippet said to have contributed to the breed. The English Toy Terrier is actually just a miniature by-product of this breed and is said its popularity peaked during Queen Victoria's reign, when small size took priority over the animal's health and temperament.



This very outgoing and friendly dog is loyal and faithful and will easily bond to one person.  Loving physical contact these dogs just love being petted and the company of children.  Not known to be a snappy breed they can be wary of strangers and as they possess excellent hearing it makes a top watch dog. Even though as young pups they are inclined to bark often, they usually grow out of this trait.



Height:   25-30cm  (10-12in)

Weight:  2-4kg  (6-8lb)

Group: Toy Dogs

The English Toy Terrier has erect ears, long head, the nose is black.  The almond shaped eyes are small and dark with a bright and lively expression. Their long arched neck is carried on a short body with a slightly curving back with a deep, narrow chest.  The legs are long and fine-boned.  The tail is long and tapering. Colours appear only in black and tan with the tan predominant on the lower legs, vent (around the anus) and to the sides of the muzzle. As the dog ages the black extends into the regions coloured by tan; leaving a 'kissing spot' (a tan spot) on each side of the face.



These little terriers are a low maintenance dog requiring very minimal grooming as they have a short coat which doesn’t shed very often.  All that would be required to keep their coat looking nice is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and the occasional bath as required.


Life Expectancy

9-13 Years


Health Concerns

These very healthy little dogs, rarely get sick and have no serious breed defects however, too much inbreeding like lots of dogs can produce heart problems. Some problems with slipping kneecaps and poor hip joints have also been reported.



The English Toy Terrier will suit apartments, households with limited space or small yards.  These little dogs suit the young family; though care is required that small children aren't too rough with this fine boned breed.  Quite content to be kept as a single pet, they do need companionship and a walk at least three times a week but as long as these friendly little dogs are made to feel as part of the family and given lots of attention they are happy.

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Toy Dogs: the common feature amongst these dogs is that they are all small, even if they come in a variety of different shapes. A few in this group include the Chihuahua, Havanese and Japanese Chin to mention a few.


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