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English Setter


English Setter



Claimed to have been used for 400 years in England, the English Setter may have been developed from the Spanish pointer or other old working spaniel breeds.  Originally the English Setter was developed to assist the hunter to find game then crouch, or set, before it, and some still retain this instinct.



A fun-loving breed, theyare seen as rather more laid-back than its exuberant cousin the Irish Setter, yet more animated than the sober Gordon Setter.  Mischievous as pups they should be watched around very small children as they may unintentionally bowl them over.  These dogs are not considered as a guard breed and are seen primarily these days purely as companion animals.



Height:  58-69cm  (23-27in)

Weight:  20-36kg  (45-80lb)

Group: Gundogs

This is a medium-sized dog with a silky, mid-length coat and colours which are spotted or ticked (called 'belton') and include orange belton, blue, and tri-colour on a white background.



Five to 10 minutes of grooming every day or two will keep the coat free of knots and remove burrs and seeds; however you could get away with thorough brushing once a week with the same result It is recommended that the hair between their toes is trimmed regularly and the soft hair behind the ears is kept free of knots.


Life Expectancy

10-12 Years


Health Concerns

There is some history of blindness within this breed due to retinal degeneration and as with all Setters, bloat can occur.  It is recommended that these dogs be fed smaller meals twice daily to avoid the potentially fatal problem.  It should be remembered that they should not be exercised immediately before or after a meal and their fair skin could be more susceptible to skin disorders and allergies.



The English Setter is ideally suited to a loving family environment with people prepared to spend quality time with them and to provide big yards and secure fencing.  Regular exercise is required, such as a brisk walk or a free run because if these dogs become neglected or bored they can resort to barking and digging.  These dogs possess above-average trainability and basic obedience skill training is recommended. English Setters need to be part of the family and while they are good indoor dogs they really are unsuitable for apartments.


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