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Other Hounds include the BorzioBorzoi





and Basenji,


 to mention a few.




English Foxhound


English Foxhound



The English Foxhound developed by mixing of various hounds and subsequently carefully bred with the Greyhound, the Bulldog, and the Fox Terrier. From these latter breeds the Foxhound respectively inherited its sudden spurts of speed during the chase, its force and authority, and its passion for the hunt. Studbooks have been carefully kept by the British Masters of Foxhounds Association since at least 1800. Used in packs to chase fox with hunters on horseback, they have impressive stamina and a good nose. They can run steadily for hours at a time. Some of the English Foxhound's talents are hunting, tracking, watchdog and agility.



This bold, very active and passionate hunter is responsive and obedient to his owner, however training will take some patience.  Friendly with people and excellent with children these dogs would rather prefer to be in the company of other dogs and do quite well with other animals.  They are untiring, able to run for hours at a consistent speed, trotting along through brambles, marshes, and sunny countryside for five or six hours without stopping.  Primarily still a pack hunting dog though if given enough exercise can make good companions. If you are looking to own this dog solely as a pet, then you will have to be an avid jogger.  Not only requiring extensive daily exercise, this breed also needs an owner who has a determined, consistent and loving approach who will be able to set rules and structure and be able to adhere to them. 



Height   53-63cm  (21-25in)
Weight:   65-70lb  (29-32kg)

Group: Hound

The breed is a clean-cut, athletic and elegant hound, with a long muzzle and wide skull.  With its long neck and strong hindquarters, this dog's large brown eyes display a sweet and gentle expression. Their short, hard and easy to care for coat is usually tri-color (black, white & tan), or bi-color with a white background, however, color is not an important feature.



The short, hard coat on the English Foxhound is easy to care for with just a comb and brush once a week with a firm bristle brush, and shampoo only as necessary. This breed is an average shedder.


Life Expectancy

10 Years


Health Concerns

These dogs are found to be a very healthy breed with no recorded hereditary ailments.



English Foxhounds are not recommended for apartment life as they are very active dogs and will do best with a very large yard or on acreage.

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Hounds: these dogs hunt by sniffing the ground to pick up and then follow a scent, calling and barking all the while.  Dogs of this type include Afghan Hound, Basset Hounds and the Saluki to mention a few.


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