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Dog Training Questions and Answers


Have a question about dog training...


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We give advice and tips about dog training, and point you in the right direction. Start training your puppy early on and you will be rewarded and benefit from having a well behaved dog.




Q    What can we do to prepare our dog for being left in a boarding kennel for the first time?

A    You could pay a few visits with your dog to the kennels to familiarise him with the staff. A good idea is to take a favourite toy or his bed and perhaps even leave him there for an hour or more each time, so he learns that you are going to come back for him.

Q    My dog, a Lhaso Apso, keeps jumping over the fence to get into my neighbour's garden. He has a front and back garden to play in. He is also taken on regular walks. I put him in his cage for 10 minutes and he whines which I ignore. However he persists in doing this and will not come when called. Any ideas please to help us train our dog not to jump over the fence?

A    Some breed of dogs are just typically jumpy especially the smaller variety. Prevention is the key and the easiest option would be to just build up your fence so it is higher, but in reality that isn’t going to help your dog with his behavioural problems. It is great to see that he has a front and back garden to play in and that you spend the time and effort taking him on regular walks. lhaso Apso

I think the most important and beneficial thing you can do is teach your dog the command to ‘come’. This would have to be one of the most important commands that every dog should learn first. It is crucial that you gain your dog's obedience in order to show him that you are the pack leader. Without that respect for you it will be difficult for him to follow orders and keep out of trouble.

The ideal time to start this training is during his feeding time. As we all know dogs are always more than willing to come to you when you have a big bowl of tasty food in your hand. To start training, simply hold your dog's dish of food in your hand and without raising your voice firmly ask him to ‘come’. When he comes to you for his dinner, lavish him with lots of praise for his obedience and response. This will create a positive connection between coming and eating. By ensuring that you do this on a regular basis for at least 5 minutes, 3 times a day including times when you request him to come to you when you don’t have any food in your hand. Remember to reinforce his good behaviour with lots of praise and pats. He will soon learn this as a natural command.

Once your dog has mastered the ‘come’ command you can use this when you see him near the fence by saying ‘no’ in a stern voice to grab his attention and then adding ‘come’ after it and thus rewarding him for his obedience when he returns to you with perhaps a small treat at the beginning of this training and then just lots of lavish praise once he has started to master the command.

Q    We just bought a puppy and have found out he is deaf and are unable to train him because he cannot hear us, shall we take him to the pound?

A    Please don't take your puppy to the pound, he needs a loving family to look after him and even though he is deaf, you can still train him by teaching him with hand signals. It may take a bit longer and be a bit of a challenge, but can quite easily be achieved with a bit of patience and rewards. I think your dog will adjust quite easily with just a little help from his beloved family.

Q    How can I stop my puppy from jumping on everyone when she first sees them?

A    As she is still quite young and is able to learn things easily my suggestion would be to put her on a lead when you know someone is coming over and train her to control her behaviour when greeting someone by holding her back and making her sit when greeting people and then rewarding her when she does what you ask of her. With a bit of patience and persistence after a while you will be able to do this without the lead and once she has learnt to respond the way you want her to, she will greet everyone without jumping up.

Q    How to stop a stray dog that climbs on my car roof and has scratched it awfully?

A    Perhaps when you catch him doing it, bang two metal rubbish bin lids together to create a very loud noise to startle him and make him get off. Then keep repeating, hopefully he will get the message that every time he gets on the car, this noise keeps scaring him, so he will decide not to do it anymore.


Q   How can I stop my dog from barking every time someone knocks on our front door?

Some dogs like to sound an alarm to their owners whenever non-pack members are invading their territory.  This can be a problem if they do this at every person who comes to the door especially when some of them are regular visitors.  It is a good idea to introduce your dog to the regular visitors and encouraging them to give your dog treats to try to encourage a positive bond for future visits.

This is a problem for many dog owners and must be

managed otherwise you could lose some visitors or friends and get offside with the neighbours as this behaviour is very off putting. A great resource to help with this problem is this training technique to stop your dog from barking and other undesirable behaviours.

Q    My dog keeps on picking up the food from her bowl and carries it to another place, how do I train my dog to eat in one place?

A    Stay there with her while she is eating and every time she takes it out of her bowl pick it up and put it back into the bowl, be consistent with this and she will get the message soon enough.

Well known people like Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer and Victoria Stilwell, host of the hit TV series It's Me or the Dog and others have produced fabulous books about dog training and understanding your dog. These books come with easy step by step lessons to train your dog. These lessons engage, challenge and help you bond with your pooch. They come highly recommended not just by us but by people who have bought these books and put them to the test.



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