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Dog Survives Fall

dog survives 200 foot fall
Dog survives fall from 200 feet
Story by Maria, Tully NY

We have an amazing dog story about our 18 month old puppy, Dakota that fell off a Upper Rim trail cliff at a State Park on the weekend. He was on a retractable leash rated for 77 pounds and under a year old but guaranteed for 5!!! Our dog saw a chipmunk so we held him back but the nylon broke and the dog fell 200 feet straight off a cliff then bounced off the bottom trail and fell another 10 feet into the gorge water.

Our 9 year old twin girls were screaming and crying. There was no fence up to protect anyone from the fall. We stood by helpless while their dad went down below where the puppy was trying to sit up.

16 rescue vehicles arrived on the scene and he was lifted and taken to the vet where they X-rayed him. They say he should not have survived the fall.

He was taken to Cornell and is there now. Dakota will have an MRI tomorrow but they say he looks good other then a fractured vertebra which he may need a $6,000 operation which will be done no matter what.

They call him the miracle dog. He was a rescue dog that somehow made it from Texas to NY and he was adopted by my girls at the age of 1. Dakota deserves a good life!

Update: Dakota was able to go home Thursday. He needs a sling for support right now and he is on medication for the next 3-4 weeks. He also needs to be in a crate 23 hours a day for 6 or more weeks. He is improving everyday though. The leash company contacted me and they are going to cover the vet bills, so that's wonderful news.


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