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  Amazing Heroic Funny Dog Stories

Share your dog stories and dog photos with everyone and make your dog a celebrity here! If you are an inspiring writer or photographer share your work with us. We will publish your story or photo on our website. We will be selecting the 'Most Popular Dog Story or Dog Photo' every month and featuring it on our home page.



Have a look at this amazing and funny dog video!


Dogs play various roles in our households and we bring them into our lives for all different reasons. 

Dog Stories Loving companions for lonely people.
Dog Stories Family dogs for people with children. 
Dog Stories Special needs dogs for the sight and hearing impaired.
Dog Stories Working and hunting dogs.
Dog Stories Racing and show dogs.

We all know that our dogs are special, loved and make us feel good.  They all have many different stories attached to their lives.

Dog stories

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Dog Stories Does your lovable dog do crazy things that make you laugh or have funny and other weird little habits that you just can't explain?
Dog Stories Has your dog done something heroic or brave?
Dog Stories Did you adopt your dog from an animal shelter?
Dog Stories Do you like to dress your dog up in funny outfits?
Dog Stories Perhaps you would just like to share with everyone how much you love your dog and why?
Dog Stories Has your beloved pet passed away? Would you like to dedicate a story to your dog?


Your tails can be long or short, with or without dog pictures, so get those tails wagging!  Share your dog story and photos with us.


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Dog stories


 Check out our dog stories ranging from amazing, funny, feel good, heroic, dedications and many others 


funny dogs stories


dog food
Check out our free dog food recipes. Making your own dog food can be very rewarding for both you and your dog, especially in light of the various recent pet food recalls. It is refreshing to know exactly what your dog is consuming.

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celebrities and their dogs
 Celebrities and their dogs!

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