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Dog Safety Leashes and Collars

dog safety leashes and collar 

Dog safety leashes and collars
 by Steve Barook of Spots Light

Spots-light came about out of a real need to be safe while out walking in the early morning or late at night when it is dark. I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever named Honey. Honey gets lots of exercise no matter what time of year. The winters are long here and as a result we tend to have to walk in the dark more often than not. We went for our walk early one morning, it was cold and snowy. Our neighbourhood doesn't have side walks, so as usual we walk along the bottom of the driveways. A fellow who I can only assume was late for work backed out of his drive way and nearly hit us.

I was very upset but then realized, I was wearing a black coat and it was dark so even though he was in a hurry we were not overly visible. That evening I went out for a walk around 11:00pm and the conditions were similar to that of the morning. Would you believe that the same fellow was pulling out of his driveway and nearly hit us again. I was in shock.

I decided right then and their that I need to find something that would allow us to be seen while walking. I did lots of looking at the pet stores and found nothing that would help us be seen easily and clearly. Yes there are flashing lights that can dangle from Honeys collar but from a distance not overly effective unless you are in direct line of sight. I needed something that would also help keep me safe. So I found a manufacturer who could produce dog safety leashes and collars what is now Spots-Light.

Today we walk with confidence at night knowing people can see us coming easily. Cars actually stop now and the drivers ask "where did you get the dog safety leash and collar"?  We are now seen 350 meters away and when we go to the park in the evening off leash Honey can easily be seen even when she is not beside me.

If you love your dog as much as I love mine and want to keep yourself and your pet safe Spots-light dog safety leash and collar is a must have safety product, stylish, practical, functional and durable.

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