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Dog Rescue Dolly On Her Trolley

by M&M's Half Way House
(Bari, Italy)

Trolley Dolly

Trolley Dolly

Dog rescue and adoption. This is a story about a cute and friendly ball of fur that was rescued some time back and has been recovering ever since. Dolly is a very cute and a friendly dog that went through a tough time recently.

A short time ago a tragic incident took place when Dolly was knocked down in the middle of the road and left on the side to die. It is heart-breaking to see dogs on the side of the road being helpless and in dire need of help. Dogs often end up losing their life if they are not rescued at the right time. Dolly was one of the lucky ones. She was rescued and taken to a local vet for the treatment of her injuries. After several days treatment and care, you might be pleased to know that she is now quite well and is recovering slowly. Because of the accident Dolly walks with the help of a trolley and is still completely adorable and as cheerful as a dog can be! Dolly is still at the rescue shelter and will be cared for until she finds a forever home.

Dog adoption is a remarkable thing to do if you are looking for a dog from a rescue shelter. By doing so, you will be giving these dogs a second chance to have a home and a family; also the feeling of being loved! If you are a dog lover and are looking for a good, friendly pet then make a difference and help these little bundles of joy, adopt them from a rescue shelter and provide them with a nice home.

If you have second thoughts about adopting a dog from a rescue shelter then let us tell you about a few interesting points that might help you in making a decision. You should be well aware of the good deed that you can do by adopting a pet from a rescue shelter.

Many of the dog rescue shelters are non-profit organisations and are being funded by the donations of generous and kind hearted people. These dogs are constantly being taken care of by volunteers and staff working at these rescue shelters. So before adopting a dog from a rescue shelter you may go and spend some quality time with them and then make them a part of your family.

These dogs are being taken care of in these shelters until the right family comes along to give them a home. There are many dogs like Dolly that are treated unkindly and then sometimes left helpless. If you are looking for a pet then help by adopting them from a Rescue Shelter and give them a family and make them feel loved.

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Oct 23, 2014
by: Mark Megannety

Thanks for posting this. The more awareness that can be raised about dogs like Dolly the better chance we all have of finding them the right adoption. It takes a special person, and that person is never easy to find. It's all about awareness. Thanks again!

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