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Dog Breeds - Alaskan Malamute







Dog Photo Gallery


Share your favourite dog photos. A picture tells a thousand words. So what are you waiting for, send pictures of your dog in now and your pooch could become the next celebrity dog at Dogs Gossip! Check out these cute dog photos.


Bull Terrier painting
Paintings of Dogs - for more details about this original Bull Terrier painting and others visit the artist's site


Trolley Dolly

Dolly on her trolley

Rescued dog Dolly

Sporty Dolly

Dolly working out

Water Dolly

Dolly was knocked down and left for dead at the side of the road. After a couple of days she was found and taken to a local vet. We took her in and to help rehabilitate her. Photos supplied by M&M's Halfway House, Bari Italy


Canada Day Pug 

Happy Canada Day from Bailey Puggins
Canada Day Pug
Photo courtesy Tina, Ontario Canada


Brendon and JoJo raising money for cancer research 

Brendon and JoJo, an 8 year old German Shepherd X have walked from Geelong to Cairns Australia, over 4000kms to raise money for Cancer Research


Best Dog Photo of George and Max 

We just love this photo. This odd couple, Max and George, the Mini Fox Terrier have been inseparable since George joined the family two months ago!

Photo courtesy of Sam, Cairns


Cute Halloween dog costumes

Cute Dog Costumes





Best dog photo

Happygirl as a working Therapy Dog, during the county library's Read to Dogs program. Read about her inspiring story of how she went from shelter dog to Therapy dog. CV Elmendorf, Charleston, WV


Moe Moe on St Patrick's Day

Moe-Moe the Pug dressed in his St. Paddy's Day best!
Photo by Tina, Canada


Pug in Santa Costume

Bailey our Pug dressed as Santa. So cute!
Photo by Tina, Canada




Best dog photos

Photo courtesy of Liam, Chas, SC
Kebe and Rocket - My Guyz


Papillons are wonderful!
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Collar, Kennesaw GA
I have (8) Papillons and they are very photogenic. Just wanted to share. No this was NOT photoshopped and no they won't be this good for me!



Chinese Crested Dog in dog costume
Stylin' Crested - The always stylish Zoe
Zoe looking hip with her leather jacket and shades
Photo courtesy of Chad, New York




JJ and Tia puppy love


Love is cuddling up by the fire on a cold night. My two dogs JJ a Westie and Tia a Jack Russell having a cosy nap. Photo by Jojo UK



Tiffany in fancy dress.

This is Tiffany our 3 1/2 year old, 4 1/2 pound Pomeranian. She likes to rock a mohawk and shades!


Funny dog video: May you sing like no one is listening!





Dog Powered Scooter
Dog Powered Scooters

Photo courtesy of Mark Schuette


Axle and Coby

Photo courtesy of Alex from Cairns


Cassie with her new favourite toy!

Photo courtesy of

My Pet, Photo by Evgen, St-Petersburg Russia


Sydney in her sunnies - funny dog photos
Sydney, a Newfie/Lab, is so sunny, she's gotta have shades!

Photo by Sandi from Seattle


Springer Spaniel
Taitti, an 8 year old Springer Spaniel has a great story to tell about her early days as a pup


Chabis, a Springer Spaniel has more great photos to show you

Cute puppy photo of Tully a Weimaraner
Photo courtesy Charlotte Reeves Photography


Best positions in bed - some new, some old!





What Mess! How could this innocent little pooch be guilty?
Photo courtesy Jeanie Conklin Houston TX



Puppies in the washing basket after their bath
We just came out of the bathtub and mum put us in the washing basket!

Kaya at 9 weeks old, Great Dane puppy.
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Reeves Photography.
Read about our interview with Charlotte.

Golden Retriever puppy
This cute dog Daizy, is a young Golden Retriever puppy - photo courtesy of

Dog Shoes! Anon.

Personalized Wood Photo Frame
Capture your favourite doggy pose inside this exclusive Personalized Wood Photo Frame made complete with any title, phrase or sentiment you choose and your furry friend's name below

the photo, skilfully laser engraved for years of lasting memories. If you like this you might like to personalize a mug, towel, bandanna, tote bag also!

English Springer Spaniel
 Sad Domino, our 5 year old English Springer Spaniel couldn't get his Easter Egg open!
by Trudy (PA, USA)

Jasper watches the computer
Jasper helps out at the computer! Follow Jasper's blog


Bluewater RSPCA Walk 2010
 RSPCA Bluewater Walk Fundraiser 2010.

RSPCA Bluewater Walk Fundraiser 2010. Pug in Tuxedo dog costume.



 Zali celebrating her 1st Birthday. Zali, our Schnauzer, just knows it's a special day and just wants someone to blow out the candle before doing the honour of eating the cake!


 Tucker, my best friend, is a 12 year old Maltese Shitzu Cross. Justine, Cairns. Read Tucker's story here.


 My kids call Milly, "Silly Milly". Milly is my parent's dog & she really is silly!. My mum looked after my kids in the school holidays and Cameron spent most of those days outside playing with Milly. Janine, Queensland, Australia


 My boy, Spike the Great Dane Cross. Spike won't let anyone in the yard but come cuddle time and he is a big softy! Monica, Cairns Queensland - Winner of the March competition


 Sally, our Boxer/Staffy, is a very happy hypo dog, but if you don't keep her entertained... watch out - you will lose a garden bed or two - Monica, Cairns Queensland


 What is Jasper up to....... Michael, Qld, Australia



 Daria, 12 year old Maltese, just back from the Doggy Parlour - David, Melbourne




RSPCA Fundraiser

 Santa Paws RSPCA 2009 Fundraiser, Cairns - Australia



dog adoption

We rescued Jasper from an uncertain fate

and now he is part of the family. Michael, Qld, Australia


picture of two dogs

Best of Mates!



dog pictures - Beagle x Pug

Winner of November's Competition - How cute is Indy our "Puggle" (Beagle x Pug) at just

10 weeks old!


See the picture above, that's me at 10 weeks.
I am now 6 months old!

Mixed breed, Nelson

Nelson, a mixed breed, loves nothing more than being on the beach.  He is 18 months old and weighs 60 kgs!



Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy photo

Arnie our Staffordshire Bull Terrier exploring in the garden


Arnie - dog photo gallery

Arnie relaxing in his doggy bed!




dog singing - dog photo gallery

Charlie above, 14 years young, is a male Yorkie mix who "sings" when he hears music on the radio or TV. Charlie was rescued from the SPCA. Photo courtesy of Bob


Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Buster

Buster with Mikayla our daughter

See Kim's Story dedicated to Buster

(Kim & Greg)





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Dog photos

Paris Hilton with her Chihuahua



Pictures of Dogs

 The collie has been immortalized in novel and film with Albert Payson Terhune’s “Lad of Sunnybank” and Eric Knight’s “Lassie Come Home”


Dog photos

Dog photos


funny dog photos




funny dog photos



dog food
Check out our free dog food recipes. Making your own dog food can be very rewarding for both you and your dog, especially in light of the various recent pet food recalls. It is refreshing to know exactly what your dog is consuming.

Check out
How to Put Your Dog on a Budget
Tips for Saving Money on Your Dog Food, Dog Products and Dog Care

celebrities and their dogs
 Celebrities and their dogs!

 Movie Trailer: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore!


Best positions in bed!


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