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Dog Health Problems - Questions and Answers


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Owning and looking after a dog is very rewarding, however sometimes can be quite challenging especially when they start doing strange things which seem out of character such as going off their food, barking for no reason, scratching all the time and the list goes on.  Because we love and care so much for our dogs, we want to do everything we can to help them overcome these problems, but sometimes we just don’t know how.  We would love to help, so check out the dog health information below to some commonly asked questions or otherwise Ask a Vet Online now.

What can I do when my Dog has Mange?

Once you see the symptoms of mange, a visit to the vet is extremely important. They will diagnose the mange and then, depending on factors like age, breed and health level, give you a treatment option to start with. Although mange can come in many different forms, the parasitic mites that are commonly found are, sarcoptic, demodetic, cheyletiellosis and ear mites.

How do I safely remove ticks from my dog?

Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20), the tick will come out on its owns and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

I think my dog has an ear infection. She shakes her head and scratches her ear and licks the paw afterwards. Should I take her to the vet?

With the symptoms you are describing it does sound like she may have an ear infection or ear mites. Ear mites will not go away on their own. Ear mites in dogs will continue to reproduce in the ear canal and eventually lead to other infections. Ear mites are extremely contagious. It is important to seek treatment for an ear mite infestation as soon as possible. There are a number of veterinarian prescribed treatments available, as well as some home remedies for ear mites in dogs.  

My dog has itchy and dry skin. I have applied Neotopic-H lotion prescribed by the vet but this does not appear to be helping and is expensive in the long term. Can you suggest anything?

Dry and itchy skin is more common in dogs than you may think. It is certainly worth a visit to the vet but as a natural healthy alternative, we can highly recommend trying fish oil tablets or pump-bottle dispenser. We have a 10 year old Silky Terrier X who has had skin problems since she came into our home. Fish oil was recommended to us, and we have now recommended fish oil to others, all with success. It is an inexpensive way to address the problem and it is great for their coats as well. We do recommend using it long term as we have seen the problem reappear when we have stopped adding fish oil in our dog’s diet.

Fish Oil is nutrient rich and provides essential building blocks dogs need for a healthy and strong immune system. In addition it helps relieve dry itchy skin, reduces shedding, makes fur soft and shiny. The all natural supplement contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and arachidonic fatty acids, plus fish flavor.

If your dog is food-centric then the Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement in a pump-bottle dispenser is probably a great idea. Just add the recommended dosage to their food especially if they don’t like tablets. If you prefer tablets, they can either be given disguised in their food; we put ours in a little liverwurst. She thinks it’s the best medicine ever!


Do you have a list of toxic plant for dogs as we are about to move into a new home and establish a garden? We want to know what plants to avoid.

You are very lucky to be starting from scratch. We have a list of toxic plants to dogs that we hope will be of assistance to you. Even if you do plant something on the list at least you will be able to put up a barrier to protect your dog.

My 14 year old dog is deaf and has started howling, what's wrong?

If this behaviour has started recently as you suggest, it could be his/her way of trying to tell you something is wrong such as an ear infections, joint stiffness and so on. Also ask yourself questions such as "have I changed my dog's diet". Something like this could be upsetting his/her digestive system.

I have a Japanese Chin that scratches he literally has bald spots. We have taken him to the Vet and had shots but they only help for a couple of days. He just constantly scratches. Any idea what it may be?

The shots your vet is giving your dog would be a low grade cortizone to help stop with the itching and irritation. Once this wears off the itching will start up again.  You need to find out why your dog is itching and what is causing the irritation. Firstly ensure your dog has no fleas. If he does treat him for them and also all his bedding and the yard and this will solve the problem. If no fleas are present there could be several causes such as an allergic reaction to certain flowers, grass and pollens. Keep him in the house for a week or two, if possible, to see if the itching slows down. I have also seen dogs who are very allergic to carpet deodorisers causing skin reactions. It could be a process of elimination to find the cause, but once found, avoiding the problem will be the best option for the future.

What can I do if I think my dog has worms?
Use a complete wormer available from either your vet or pet shop.  If you are not sure if he has worms or not you can take a stool sample to your local vet for testing.

My Yorkie seems to have hurt his front paw & won't put any pressure on it but I can touch it and bend it. He will also stretch it straight out but will not walk on it. Could it be broken even though I can touch & bend it with no yelp or him biting me?

I doubt that it could be broken by what you have described as your dog would also be in a lot of pain if this was the case.  Your little Yorkie could very well have something in one of his pads, like some glass or a thorn.  Run your finger along each one of his pads using slight pressure or even squeezing it slightly and see if he reacts, if he does pull away, there will be something foreign in that pad.  Otherwise if his pads are all okay, he very well could have pulled a muscle/ligament.  Rest will help with this making sure he avoids going up and down stairs and jumping up/down on things as this will aggravate it more. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days make an appointment to see your vet.

Why has my 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier suddenly developed really bad breath?

Because of your dog’s age, I would say that your Yorky's bad breath is probably caused by tooth decay or even gum disease. If you don't regularly have your dog checked for this, it may be an idea to take your dog to your local vet for a dental check up, as he may even have cavities which require attention. Just like us humans, tooth decay causes pain in dogs and can even be the cause of them becoming a bit snappy, prevent them for eating properly and even cause infections of the gums.




Help my dog has constipation, how can I avoid this from continuing?

This could be diet related, so to avoid further future problems you may have to look at changing your dog's diet. If you feed only dry food, try adding a cup of warm water to your dog’s food about 15 minutes before feeding him. Ideally fresh raw meats are best with some grated carrot and rice mixed in with it.  For the current problem you have, I would try feeding your dog a cup of milk.  If no improvement seek veterinary advice.


Can I feed brown rice when my dog is having diarrhea? 

White rice is more preferable, however, as long as it is cooked enough to be soft enough, brown will do. When dogs have diarrhea the lining on their intestinal wall is inflamed and sensitive and requires soft food to pass through it.


My eight year old Shih Tzu has had this itching and chewing problem, she bleeds, loses her hair and smells!  What can I do?

Most of the time this type of itching is caused by allergies. There are certain weeds and plants that dogs are allergic to. I have even found that some dogs which live inside are highly allergic to the dry shampoo's people use on their carpets. Try a diet of fresh food free from additives, wheat, dairy products and gluten and give her a Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplement to reduce histamine reactions. Cooling baths or cold compresses pressed on the area are great to reduce inflammation and skin itchiness.  Other than that you may have to visit the vet.


Today my 4 year old Beagle started peeing every hour with blood, what could be wrong with her?

It is more than likely that your dog has a urinary tract / bladder infection and needs to go to the vet as soon as possible so she can be put on some antibiotics, I am certain that she would experiencing some pain.


I would like to know any home remedies to get rid of fleas on my dogs?

Cider vinegar is known to be quite a good repellent to some insects; it would be worth a try.


My dog is always eating grass. Is there something I can give him to help calm his tummy? He doesn't have worms?

It is fairly common for dogs to eat grass in small amounts as it is a natural response for their digestive system.  If you dog is eating grass in big amounts he may be experiencing stomach upsets, which could be diet related.  Perhaps you may need to look at his diet to see if you need to change it to perhaps a more natural way of feeding him such as raw meats and small amounts of a good quality low salt and preservative free dry food.


My dog has an extra nail is this bad?

Some breeds have extra dew claws on their back feet which is just part of the breed. Care must be taken that the dew claws don't get caught on things as they can cause profuse bleeding. Some owners prefer to have them all removed.


Why should I have my dog desexed?

The main reason for desexing is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Desexed animals are generally less likely to get diseases and illness such as mammary cancer and uterine infections in females and cancer and prostate problems in males. Desexing commonly reduces behaviour problems such as roaming, aggression and urine marking in males. In females it prevents mating behaviour and false pregnancy.

When should I have my dog desexed?

The RSPCA suggests early age desexing from the age of eight weeks when the surgery is simple and recovery is rapid. Early age desexing is an effective way of reducing accidental pregnancy in young animals. There is absolutely no benefit in letting females have one litter before they are desexed.

Talk to your vet about desexing, microchipping and vaccinations. They’re all important parts of being a responsible dog owner and will ensure your new best friend stays healthy.


My dog has an irritation around the eye, it is red and swollen. I bathed the area with salted water and I have already booked an appointment to see the vet.  Is there anything I can do to ease things for him?

I know you meant well, but salt is not recommended to be used around the eyes. If you brew up some tea and let it cool down then bathe around his eyes with that, it will be very soothing and help with the swelling also.


My Dachshund just got de-sexed and he needs to take medicine, what’s the best and easiest way to give my dog his medicine?

If his medicine is in tablet form, just disguise the tablets in a bit of his food or press it into a piece of cheese and hand feed it to him. Most dogs respond to this quite easily.


My nine week old puppy sometimes gets runny stools. Are puppies prone to diarrhea?

It could be many things, just a change in your dog's diet can sometimes cause this and it is always best to change diets gradually a bit at a time. It is also important to make sure you don't give your puppy any full strength milk once weaned from their mother as they start to develop an intolerance for it and can get runny stools.  Otherwise whilst puppies are very young they need to be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 4 months old with a good puppy wormer as they are prone to get worms at this age.


When my puppy emptied her bowels it was just about pure blood, she seems depressed, has been vomiting and has not been eating. What shall I do as I think she may have eaten some cockroach killer?

If you think that she has eaten some cockroach killer, get her to the closest vet immediately, as she is only a puppy this stuff will make her extremely sick and possibly could be fatal.  Please take her to the vet right now.




My dog is 11 and lately she has lost her appetite and wants to sleep all day, what could be wrong?

The two symptoms you have described here are the first signs of illness in a dog. Please take your dog to the vet for a health check. It sounds like she is not very well.  Because dogs are unable to communicate with you, it is up to you to recognize the symptoms of illness and seek veterinary advice.

Sometimes when my dog is asleep his eyes are partially open, is this normal?
Yes and this usually occurs when the dog is dreaming.  However there could be a problem with your dog if his eyes are open all the time when he is sleeping.  If this is the case have your dog checked by a vet as he may need surgery to correct lids that are not closing fully.

Why does my dog get itchy paws during the summer?
There could be a variety of things which could be causing this including allergies, insect/parasite infestations, crop chemicals on fields or even from just walking on hot surfaces.  It is a good idea to wash your dogs paws with a salt water solution to remove any irritants, stay off grass whilst exercising and even consider changing your dogs diet to a more natural one of fresh pet food.

Will my dog’s temperament and character change if I have him neutered?
Neutering usually has no negative effect on a dog’s temperament and character and actually can have a positive effect by helping to make aggressive or excitable dogs easier to deal with. 

I am travelling overseas soon and would like to take my dogs with me. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
There are many different regulations regarding pet travel depending on your destination.  The easiest way to obtain information on this is to search via your computer under ‘pet travel abroad’ and you will find all the information you require in regard to your country’s rules.

Another dog bit my dog, what should I do?
If stitches are not required, carefully cut the hair away from the wound, gently clean the area with a saline solution then with a diluted antiseptic lotion.  After drying the wound, dust it with some antiseptic powder.  It is important that the wound is kept clean so repeat the treatment twice a day.  As dog bites usually end up infection, keep an eye out for this and if concerned take your dog to the vets as it may require antibiotics.

My dog seems to be ill, I don’t know what is wrong with him, and what should I do?
It is important to keep your dog warm and in a quiet spot so you can monitor his condition for around 30 minutes.  Take a note of what symptoms he has, when they started, how long he has had them and how he has been acting.  If your dog is in a distressed state or symptoms are severe, ring your vet to let them know you are coming straight away to assist in a fast recovery and minimize distress to you and your beloved dog.

I have noticed that my old dog is going deaf, what can I do to make life easier for him?
A common problem with aging dogs is deafness however while he can still hear you could begin training your dog to associate visual hand signals with spoken commands such as sit, stay, recall, lie down and stop.

So I am prepared what would be the safest way to break up a dog fight?
If you are able to either turn a hose on them or throw a bucket of cold water over them, this will momentarily stop them from fighting and if safe to do so give you and the other owner if present, enough time to grab your dogs and quickly walk away.

Should I put my dog that is starting to look fat on a diet?
Some of the things you can do to help your dog first is to increase his daily exercise, cut out all snacks and just slightly reduce his daily meals.  If in a couple of weeks you have not seen any obvious weight different, perhaps a visit to the vet would be called for so he can check your dogs health and suggest a suitable diet and exercise regime for him.

Why does my dog seem to go off his food in Summer?
Dog’s appetites tend to reduce in summer as they don’t use the energy provided by food to keep warm.  When the weather is warm it is important to throw any uneaten food away after 20 minutes as it can go rancid. Wash your dog’s food bowl after every meal to keep it fresh.  Even open bags of dry food will become rancid quickly in warm weather so just buy enough to last a week to ensure freshness.

As my dog loves to go in the car with me, is it okay to leave him alone in the car while I go shopping?
This is not recommended as the ventilation is poor inside a car and your dog would have a real risk of getting heatstroke very quickly.  The temperature in a locked up car can rise to a dangerous level even in the cooler sunshine of spring or autumn.  Even when travelling it is always advisable to have a window slightly ajar to keep a flow of fresh air coming in.

Do dogs see things in colour like us?
It has been proven that dogs can see colour to a limited extent.  They can distinguish black, yellow, blue and grey shades, however other lighter colours are not as clear.  They can however see better in the dark and detect movement better than us.

What can we do to prepare our dog for being left in a boarding kennel for the first time?
You could pay a few visits with your dog to the kennels to familiarise him with the staff.  A good idea is to take a favourite toy or his bed and perhaps even leave him there for an hour or more each time, so he learns that you are going to come back for him.

Is there any alternative to leaving my dog in a boarding kennel when I go away on holidays?
A reputable pet sitter can be a good and cost effective alternative.  Just ensure you supply them with details such as yours and your vets contact details, ample food and feeding requirements, any medical details, any special care and handling information and a map of safe places they can be taken out for exercise.

Are dogs able to swim?
Depending on factors like stamina, physical ability and body-shape, all dogs are able to swim to some degree.  Some dogs enjoy it more than others and nervous dog’s confidence can be booster with gradual acclimatization incorporating the use of toys and rewards.

I think my dog has ticks, what do they look like and how can I remove them?
They are a small pale looking bug which are blood sucking parasites that cause infection, itchiness and sometimes paralysis.  They attach themselves to the dog using their teeth and if pulled off from the dog can leave their mouthpart still attached to the dog thus causing infection.  The ticks can be removed using a special tick remover obtained from your vet or pet store otherwise the tick can be sprayed with a flea spray and removed once dead.

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What is the best way to find a reputable boarding kennel for my dog?
You could ask people you know, your local vet, pet shop, dog trainer or even your dog groomer.  It is always a good idea to go and inspect the kennels first, which should be fully licensed and adequately insured.  They will be asking you to provide evidence of vaccinations so it is advisable to ensure that your dog’s vaccines are up to date.

Why does my dog sleep so much?
Most people don’t realise that dogs sleep for at least 12 hours per day, equalling half their lives.  They tend to sleep after meals, exercise and basically whenever they feel the need.

What symptoms should I look for if I think my dog is unwell?
Breathing difficulty, Lethargy, Pale/white Gums, Excessive salivation, Wounds/bleeding/inability to move, Out of character aggression,, Loss of appetite, Swollen abdomen, Hair Loss, Eye/nasal discharge, Diarrhoea, blood in faeces or urine, Coughing, Sneezing or Wheezing, High temperature or heartbeat, Digestive disturbances, Increased/decreased thirst, Hair loss/coat abnormalities/ body lumps, Weight loss/gain, Fitting or lethargy. If your dog displays any of these symptoms it will be necessary to take him to see a vet.

Can I take my dog on holidays with me?
Dogs just love to be where their owners are and join in on exploring new places with them.  Just ensure your dog is wearing an ID tag with relevant details or have him micro chipped or tattooed.  Take favourite toys, bedding, food collar, leash and a first aid kit.

Why does my dog look sad when I leave him alone in the house when I go out?
If you are with your dog all the time and suddenly you leave him to go out all day, he thinks he has been abandoned.  Your dog will need to be gradually accustomed to be left alone in the house by starting off with short periods of time to gradually building up to no more than 5 hours at a time.  Upon returning home don’t fuss over your dog straight away, go about your normal activities for a short time then turn your attention to your dog to avoid his position in the household not being elevated beyond that of bottom of the pack.

What is the best way to locate a vet who is good at treating and handling dogs?
It is a good idea to choose a vet who specializes in small animal care.  Ask people you know, local breeders dog training schools or rescue centres for referrals.  Most Veterinary Clinics are listed either on the internet or local phone books.

Are there any places I can take my dog for free treatment if I am on a low income?
There are some canine charity organizations which offer free veterinary treatment and even reduced  neutering cost for dogs, so you would need to make some enquiries if there is such a charity in your area.

How often would my dog require veterinary check-ups?
It is usually a good idea to take your dog for a checkup once a year.  During this visit you will be able to include your dog’s annual vaccination booster at the same time.

If I am not happy with the service I receive from my present vet, is it okay to go to another?
You have the freedom of choice to go to whichever vet you prefer especially if you are not receiving the service you expect.

What would I do if my dog requires a visit to the vet out of normal surgery hours?
24 hour treatment is available at most vets.  However if your regular vet is not available at the time you can always look for another vet in the area.

How would I go about getting a second opinion in regard to my dog’s ailment?
Everyone is entitled in requesting a second opinion.  It is as simple as asking your vet to organize this or going to another surgery.

Do you have to pay when you take your dog to see a vet and what would the costs be?
Yes all veterinary treatment must be paid for and would vary depending on each individual surgery, their location and overheads.  It is always a good idea to ring around for quotes first for any non-urgent visits and Pet Insurance is now available should your dog fall ill or have an accident.

What should I do with my dog that was mis-treated by his previous owners and now cowers at sudden movements or noises?
A dog-appeasing pheromone diffuser can be obtained from your get which releases a calming, reassuring scent into the air helping your dog to relax.  Don’t be tempted to spoil him to compensate for his shyness as this could create other behavioral problems to develop.  Be careful not to put your dog in a position where he feels that he would have to defend himself or his possessions.  It will take a lot of patience, kindness and time to assist you dog in regaining his trust and confidence around humans.  However, some ill-treated dogs never seem to feel completely at ease from their past experiences.

My dog has just been neutered.  How long will it take him to recover?
It is important to prevent your dog from running and leaping around, so exercise only a leash for around 2 weeks.  After this time, male dogs can return to normal life, however females because of the complexity of their operation will require a further 2 weeks.

What causes separation anxiety as my vet has advised my dog suffers from this?
As dogs are pack animals they dislike being left on their own as it makes them feel alone and insecure.  It is important not to encourage your dog to become overly dependent on you as he will become anxious whenever you are out of his sight.

Can I still own a dog if I work full time?
It is not recommended to leave dogs home alone all day as they need plenty of care and attention to stay mentally and physically healthy.  Options are employing a dog sitter/walker to spend some time with your dog during the day or even asking a neighbor to visit and spend some time with your dog while you are at work.

Some vets are now using alternative therapies and treatments for dogs.  Do they work?
In some instances it is believed and has been proven that they do.  If applied with the correct expertise and knowledge they can have their benefits and besides the worst outcome can be that they have no effect.

I have just acquired an adult dog.  Will I need to have him vaccinated?
It is advisable that all dogs should be vaccinated against those canine diseases that are highly infectious and/or life threatening.

If my dog gets bitten by another dog, what should I do to cleanse the wound?
After clipping away the hair from the area, use a saline solution to clean the area, followed by a diluted antiseptic lotion.  After drying the area, dust liberally with an antiseptic wound powder.  To prevent the wound getting infected, repeat twice daily.  Dog bites get infected quite easily if not treated correctly. 

An insect has stung my dog.  What should I do?
Seek veterinary attention immediately if your dog has been stung in the throat.  Otherwise just clip the hair away from the affected area, wash with a saline solution, if stung by a bee remove the sting with tweezers and neutralize with bicarbonate soda.  If stung by a wasp neutralize by wiping the area with vinegar.  Dry area and apply a wet compress to assist in the reduction of irritation and swelling.

Why do vets recommend a booster injection annually?
Once a pup first receives his initial vaccinations, they will then be required to undergo yearly booster vaccinations thereafter to ensure they maintain immunity.

I am considering not having my dog neutered.  Are there any disadvantages to this?
Only minor problems could arise such as males possibly becoming hyperactive/howling when detecting an in-season bitch, displaying marking behavior and being more at risk from testicular cancer and prostrate problems.  With bitches, coming on season once or twice a year, having male dogs lying in wait outside the house and risk of cancerous mammary tumors and pyometra (a serious uterine infection).

Can my dog suffer from any side-effects or get ill when he has his vaccinations?
Most vets advise to have all healthy dogs vaccinated rather than run the risk of not being protected. The instances where it is not advisable to vaccinate a dog are when the dog is ill and will not be able to have a good immune response to the vaccine.

Why have my dog’s teeth gone brown?
The brown staining of the teeth comes from plaque and also a build up of tartar.  A visit to the vet to determine whether your dog’s teeth need to be either cleaned or if rotten, removed and infected gums treated.  To prevent the buildup of this staining it is recommend to give your dog some raw meaty bones or dental chews to keep your dog's teeth clean.

What should I do if my dog gets electrocuted?
Firstly make sure the power supply has been switched off and if it is not possible to turn off the power do not go near the dog.  If safe to do so check to see if your dog is breathing.  If possible wrap the dog in a space blanket and take to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

What would I need to do if my dog gets hit by a car?
If the dog is lying in the middle of the road, stop the traffic and ask bystanders to assist you with this, administering first aid if needed.  Move the dog to a safe spot if at all possible without worsening his condition, talk soothingly to the dog and comfort him until he is able to be taken to the nearest vet.

People say my dog is overweight, how can I tell if he is?
You should be able to feel your dogs ribs as you rub your hand along his chest, if not he is overweight.  In obese dogs you can also notice fatty deposits at the base of the tail and over the spine.

If my dog has diarrhea or is vomiting should I take him to the vet?
If occurring occasionally this is nothing to be overly concerned with as once they have eliminated whatever it was causing them the upset they should be fine.  However if the vomiting or diarrhea is constant especially when both are occurring at the same time, your dog should be taken to the vet as it doesn’t take long for them to become dehydrated.  There could be an underlying serious bacterial or viral infection in his system which will require treatment.

What can I do to stop my dog from having terrible flatulence?
Unfortunately there are some dogs which are just naturally windy.  You could try changing his diet to a more natural one, feeding charcoal biscuits and taking him to the vet to see if there is any underlying cause.  However, in the end if this doesn’t work you will just have to try and live with the problem.

What should I do if my dogs gets into a fight?  Should I try to separate them?
Most times dog fights look and sound worse than they actually are.  Usually they are over quickly with one retracting quickly and becoming submissive or running away.  It is not a good idea to physically intervene.

My dog has eaten something poisonous what should I do?
Contact your vet immediately describing what you think your dog has ingested and any symptoms your dog is displaying such as excess salivation or sleepiness etc.

Is feeding your dog chocolate or grapes harmful to your dog?
All chocolate but in particular dark chocolate in a large quantity can make your dog very ill and could even prove to be fatal.  You can purchase special doggy chocolate drops to give him instead. The occasional grape here and there usually will show no ill effects but there have been some reported cases of grave illness and fatalities from dogs eating too many grapes and raisins.  So to be safe avoid chocolate and grapes

What are the sore, wet patches my dog keeps getting on his legs and body?
hese are ‘hot spots’ which are usually caused by eczema resulting from either an allergy or nervous reaction.  Things like a certain ingredient in a too rich diet, washing powder residues in bedding, carpet freshener powder are some of the causes of this.  ‘Hot spots' can also come from flea bit dermatitis and are aggravated more by the constant licking, biting and scratching by the dog of the infected area.  It is important to try to find the cause by the process of elimination and by ensuring the area is kept clean and dry at all times.

Is it okay to allow my dog to go ratting?
It is not advisable as rats can cause abscesses on your dog if bitten and even give your dog the potentially life threatening leptospirosis disease.  However your dog can be vaccinated against this disease to be on the safe side.

What is the best way to stop my dog from licking ointment off his sore on his foot?
A wide plastic collar (which looks a little like a bucket) which fits around your dog’s neck and prevents him from getting access to the sore with his mouth. This will need to be removed when your dog needs to eat or drink anything.  It will take a little while for your dog to get accustomed to this collar at first.

Did you know? Up to 98% of puppies are born with worms which may be caused by worms entering the placenta, or from mammary glands during feeding.

This advice is in no way intended to replace the advice of your vet.

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