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MAKE YOUR OWN Dog Shampoo and Conditioner


We share our dog grooming tips for those who have the extra time or want to save money. Grooming and cutting your dog's hair yourself is an option worth considering.  If so, it is a good idea to start handling your dog from a very young age, with regular bathing, brushing, combing and nail trimming so it will be used to being handled and stand still whilst being groomed.




Dog Grooming Instructions


Brushing Your Dogs Coat

A dog's grooming needs are dependent on the breed and hair type. The large majority of dogs enjoy being brushed which will not only maintain a healthy coat but build a strong bond between you and your dog. Dog breeds with longer hair will require daily brushing to prevent tangling and matting of their coat. Dogs with medium length hair should be brushed at least once a week. Breeds with short hair will usually only require the occasional brush.


It is important to select a brush suitable for your dog's hair type. Below is a brief description of the most popular brushes:



wire pin brushes

Wire Pin Brushes are suitable for dogs that have medium to long hair.



wire pin brushesBristle Brushes come in various types and are suitable for most hair types. Brushes with shorter harder bristles are best suited to dogs with short hair.


wire pin brushesSlicker Brushes are designed to break up tangles and mats whilst pulling out dear hair in medium to long haired dogs and preferred by many at the end of a grooming session as it leaves a distinct shine to the dog's coat.


wire pin brushes

Shedding Tools should be used when removing excess hair from double coated breeds. This will reduce shedding. Look for shedding tools with smooth, rounded teeth which are gentle to the skin.


We can highly recommend the Furminator Shedding Tool which reduces shedding by up to 90% for both long and short haired dogs and comes with over 2500 positive customer reviews.




Dog grooming tip: Pay close attention to the areas where matting occurs; behind the ears, under the legs, on the haunches.


How to Trim Dog Nails

A more stressful experience for dog owners is trimming nails. As most of us are aware dogs do not like to have their nails trimmed. While some dogs will happily sit on your lap and allow you to clip away the majority of dogs will require some form of restraint.


Nails grow at different rates, so the frequency that you will be required to trim them can vary depending on your dog's lifestyle also. If your dog walks on hard surfaces such as pavements they may not need much nail trimming as they may be kept down to a suitable length. However if your dog plays and exercises on grass or sand then clipping their nails becomes an essential part of their grooming routine.


If you are a bit apprehensive about cutting your dog's nails, we would suggest you take your dog to the vet and allow them to demonstrate the correct technique. The whole process can be made easier if you have someone to help you restrain your pooch but failing that ensure your dog stays still.


Having the right nail clippers will certainly make the job easier. There are many types of nail clippers which normally fall into two groups: guillotine and scissor types. The guillotine types are easiest to use on dogs. It is important to realise all dogs have a quick. The quick is a blood supply which contains nerve endings which are painful if clipped. The quick can be seen on dogs with lighter nails but not dogs with darker nails, so clip the nail a small section at a time to minimise the risk of clipping the quick which will result in bleeding. If this should happen apply some styptic gel or powder which you should have on hand.


Sometimes trimming dog nails can be a bit stressful for owner and dog. A reward after the job is done might make it easier for the next time! Verbally praise your dog, give a belly rub or a treat if your dog is very food oriented!


Bathing Your Dog

Before you begin your doggy bath you may want to put down a non-slip mat to prevent your dog from sliding or falling over in the tub. Have towels on hand and shampoo and conditioner before you start. Make sure the water is a decent temperature. Just like us dogs are not great fans of cold baths. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner starting on the body and legs, working your way up to the head. Ensure to cover their eyes and ears to prevent water and shampoo entering. The most important part of bathing your dog is washing the shampoo and conditioner out of their coat. When finished towel dry your dog and use a dog brush to comb through their coat ensuring all tangles and mats are removed. Now you can blow dry your dog's coat one section at a time avoiding the eyes and ears.



dog grooming tips


How to Brush your Dog's teeth

Brushing your dog's teeth regularly is beneficial to your dog's health. While not the easiest thing to do we think this video will give you the basics. It is not advisable to use a human tooth brush as they are too abrasive.


There are two types of tooth brushes. We find the finger toothbrush the easiest for us and the dog but you might find the long extended handle tooth brush more suitable.


Definitely do not use human toothpaste as it could be toxic to your dog especially if it contains flouride as the dog will swallow the toothpaste and does not know to spit it out like humans. Chose a doggie toothpaste because of the enzymes and is non-foaming. It comes in different flavours like peanut, poultry or beef flavor which they will love.










A reward after the job is done might make it easier for the next time! Verbally praise your dog, give a belly rub or a treat if your dog is very food oriented!

Dog shampoo

Pampered Pet© Personalized Pet Towel
Shower your pet with personalized affection with our exclusive Pampered Pet© Personalized Pet Towel! Our durable, white 100% cotton pet towel is printed with your dog's name in your choice of our red or blue bandanna print. Towel is perfect for bath time or makes a great accessory in a gift basket for a new dog owner or pup's birthday!


We highly recommend investing in good dog grooming equipment:


a set of good dog clippers (human hair clippers will not work on dog hair) that will pay for themselves in to time, but you can just use a good pair of scissors to do the job.  However, you must have your dog under complete control and trust it to be able to stand still to avoid any mishaps, as it is quite a challenge to try to scissor your dog’s hair with one hand whilst trying to restrain it with the other. When using your own set of dog clippers, always try to cut with the fall of the hair and also ensure you bath and dry your dog beforehand otherwise your clipper blades will go blunt very quickly.

a dog grooming table which is adjustable to reduce straining your back.
Wire pin brush, bristle brush, shedding tools, slicker brush
Nail clipper. The guillotine type are more suitable for dogs.
Raised dog bath
and, even consider a dog grooming course to build your confidence.



You can buy everything you need from professional dog grooming suppliers.


dog grooming equipment

Make Your Own Dog Shampoo

Aloe Vera Pet Shampoo

2 cups water
2 teaspoons liquid castile
2 tablespoons aloe vera gel
Up to 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin or vegetable oil

Combine all ingredients in a jar. Shake to blend. Get your dog's coat wet, pour on the shampoo, lathering as you go. Work the shampoo in with your hands. Rinse thoroughly.

Make your Own Dog Conditioner

Rosemary Conditioner

1 Teaspoon dried Rosemary
1 Pint (1/2 litre) boiling water

Combine and steep for a few minutes. Strain and cool to body temperature. Pour it over your dog after the final rinse.

Helps to promote a glossy coat and helps repel fleas.

Make sure you have a dry warm place for your dog to dry off and let your dog do what comes naturally, shaking off any excess water. Then use a towel to further dry off your dog. Now don't forget to wash your dog's bedding regularly also!

Dog shampoo

These pet grooming products come highly recommended. We personally use Wahl Dog Grooming Clippers. Monika had her own dog grooming business for six years and used the 'All (160) Breed Dog Grooming' book. Monika says "It was great to be able to show clients dog breed illustrations and dog grooming styles by looking through the book together to advise exactly how they wanted to have their dog groomed".

Don't forget in the warmer months trim back your dog's coat, take them swimming or hose them down on hot summer days. Have a shady area for your best friend and plenty of water.




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