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In our Dog Food comparison section we offer tips and advice on basic healthy feeding and nutritional principals for your dog.  You may be surprised by some of the things you will discover about feeding your dog to promote better health and longevity.


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There is one thing we all know for sure about our dogs; you can put their dog food in front of them but they would rather have what you are eating more. Dogs just love their food and you don’t have to ring the dinner bell twice to let them know its feeding time!


Because we love our dogs so much it is difficult not to over-indulge them.  After all they are members of our family, and well yes ok, they are just like having another child around to spoil and being the opportunist that our dogs are they will eat anything, even eating the children's unwanted vegetables and cat food if given the chance.


All dogs are different. You get the fussy eaters who slowly amble up to their dinner bowl, have a couple of sniffs then give you a look that says “you expect me to eat that!”  Then you get the ones who start jumping around in anticipation of dinner time with eyes like saucers, tails wagging and drooling from the mouth.  When their food bowl is put down in front of them, they devour it in two mouthfuls and give you a look that says “is that all I’m getting?”


It is up to us to watch their diet. Always try to feed good quality dog food to extend the life and health of your dog.


Check out our Dog Food Comparison and Free Homemade Dog Food Recipes



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