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Dog food comparison

Our Dog Food Comparison offers you tips on basic healthy feeding and nutritional principals for your dog.




Dog Food Comparison: Raw Dog Food Diet (Bones and Raw Food BARF)

Feeding your dog fresh meat and raw meaty bones would have to be the healthiest and most natural way to feed your dog.  Why you may ask?  Have you ever noticed that look in your dog’s eyes when you dangle a big juicy bone in front of his nose. The tail is wagging, mouth watering and the eyes are focused on that bone!  Then once given the bone, you don’t see them for hours as they are hiding somewhere in the backyard gnawing and chewing away with great enthusiasm.  


Did you know that the dog’s entire digestive system is designed for eating raw meaty bones?  More than just something to chew on for hours, bones make for a natural tooth brush for their teeth, contain vital nutrients such as proteins, minerals, fat soluble vitamins, marrow for the immune system, iron and natural anti-oxidant/anti–ageing factors including enzymes.  Raw meaty bones not only clean your dogs teeth, they assist with digestion, provide exercise while they are chewing and gnawing away at the bone, prevent obesity, prevent anal sac congestion and just generally overall prolong their lives.


There are many varieties of bones which can be obtained from your local butcher.  Raw chicken wings and necks are ideal for any dog be it large or small. Dogs are able to crunch away happily on these bones without any problems.  Chicken wings and necks are also excellent for young puppies as they are full of protein and calcium and essential fatty acid content which ensure that those puppies grow up into strong healthy dogs.


It is of the utmost importance however to never ever feed your dog cooked bones of any description.  Cooked bones are potentially fatal to dogs. Not only do they splinter and get caught in the mouth they are also capable of piercing the intestines or setting like concrete in the large bowel if fed enough of them.


Dog Food Comparison: Dry Dog Food 

Commercially produced dry dog food has been found to be one of the most popular and cheapest ways to feed dogs (and we are all looking for ways to save money these days).  If you do wish to use this method of feeding your dog, just ensure you read the nutritional labels and try find one which is formulated with extra nutrients, low in fat and less than 1% salt to avoid future health problems.  And of course don’t forget to make sure there is always a large bowl of water readily accessible to your dog at all times.


Dog Food Comparison: Canned Dog Food

There is nothing like the ease and convenience of going to the pantry and opening a can of dog food to feed to your pet. People tend to use canned dog food more because of its longer shelf life and convenience. There are some good brands of canned food on the market from stores that sell dog health food and if selected carefully by reading the content on the labels you can find a well balanced convenient meal for your dog. Some things you may want to look for when buying  dog food.


You can never substitute a raw bone though with anything else to keep your dog happy and healthy!


free dog food recipes


It's easy to make homemade dog food and buy raw bones for your pooch for a balanced healthy diet.


Browse through our easy to follow free dog food recipes.


If you have a recipe you would like to share with everyone, let us know.




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