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Choosing a dog breed and welcoming a new puppy or dog into your life and household can be both a very exciting and rewarding experience.


By browsing through our Dog Breed Selector you will learn that some dog breeds are happy to be inside with the family, laze around the house all day, basically just look cute and wonÂ’t require a lot of exercise.  However, there are other dogs that are just hypo and constantly on the move, who require lots of mental and physical stimulation and as they are so naturally active, they need to use up some of that boundless energy they have.  These dog breeds will, from sheer boredom, start digging giant craters in your yard or mulch those lovely flowers you have just planted making your backyard look like a cyclone hit it.



To have that right blend of happy dog, happy household, depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, you will need to objectively ask yourself and consider the following questions: 

PoodleIs my yard/house big enough and will I have the extra time to undertake daily walks and frolics in the local park?



If I select a long haired dog breed, am I prepared to brush it daily and take it to the dog grooming parlour for haircuts and makeovers?


BeagleWhat sort of temperament and behavior do they have?  If you have children, would they be able to tolerate having the kids climb all over them and prod them all over?


BasenjiIs the breed easy to train?  Known for any destructive behaviors?  Do they socialize readily with other dogs instead of picking fights?


Basset HoundIs the breed prone to any specific health problems, such as skin allergies, knee problems etc. which could hurt the hip pocket?  Pet insurance could be an option.  


Once you have made an evaluation of your current lifestyle and determined which type of dog breed will fit into your home without too much upheaval, you are ready to make the lifelong commitment of acquiring your new pet.


Dogs bring so much love and joy to any household. Just as long as you are dedicated and aware of what is required to provide the exercise, grooming and training suitable to the dog breed you have selected. Just remember your dog looks to you to give it what it needs and in return it will give you true companionship, unconditional love and faithful loyalty.





If you liked this page you might also like to read about dog adoption. Consider dog adoption from your local rescue shelter for your next pet.


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