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Ever wonder about your dog's behaviour?  Sometimes this is natural dog behaviour such as chasing moving objects, eating grass and digging holes but don't despair a dog's behaviour can be modified when you know how. We give advice and tips and point you in the right direction.




Start training your puppy early on and you will be rewarded and benefit from having a well behaved dog.

How can I stop my dog from chasing cars?
Because some dogs possess strong instincts to chase moving objects it can become very difficult to change these habits without expert intervention.  Obedience training could be an option concentrating on a command such as ‘leave’.

Tips to keep your dog safe and secure during fireworks
Everybody is celebrating except your dog. Here are a few tips.



What causes my dog to want to shake himself when he gets wet?
This is a natural instinct to assist in shedding all excess water from their coat and skin so your dog is less susceptible to ailments and feels more comfortable.

Sometimes it seems my dog is talking to me, how can I know what my dog is trying to tell me?
Because of dogs vocal and physical expressions you can usually tell from the way your dog acts and responds what your dog is trying to tell you. 

What are dogs trying to tell you when they wag their tails?
Even though wagging of tails is usually seen as a friendly gesture by a dog, this is not always the case.  The rest of the dog’s body language must be taken into account to ascertain whether the dog is a friend or foe.

Dog behaviourWhat can I do to stop my dog from jumping up on the furniture?
Firstly you can start by restricting your dog’s access to the room where that furniture is.  If this is not possible you can insist that your dog gets off by grabbing his collar and firmly removing him.  If he tries to get back on tell him firmly “no” and if necessary move your dog to another room to reinforce your command.  It won’t be too long before your dog will soon learn it is best to stay off the furniture and have the privilege of being able to remain in the room.

Why does my dog want to eat grass?
Dogs like to eat grass when they are feeling ill to assist with their digestion.  The grass will induce vomiting helping them to get rid of what has been ailing them.  However, if the grass eating is excessive, a visit to the vet may be necessary. 

How can I stop my dog from digging holes all over the back yard?
Due to their strong sense of smell, certain breeds of dogs have strong digging instincts for searching out food and quarry.  As this is a hard habit to curb and to avoid your whole backyard being like a minefield, sometimes it is just best to set aside an area for your dog where he is allowed to dig. 

How can I stop my dog front wanting to mark his territory everywhere whenever we are out walking?
Dogs use this as a type of messaging service between themselves.  This perfectly normal behaviour can tell other dogs what sex your dog is and even in the case of males how big your dog is by the height urine has been sprayed up a pole for example. 

What causes hairs on a dog's back to stand up?
Dogs do this to make themselves look bigger and more threatening to potential confrontational situations and aggressors.

How can I stop my dog from barking every time someone knocks on our front door?
Some dogs like to sound an alarm to their owners whenever non-pack members are invading their territory.  This can be a problem if they do this at every person who comes to the door especially when some of them are regular visitors.  It is a good idea to introduce your dog to the regular visitors and encouraging them to give your dog treats to try to encourage a positive bond for future visits.

My dog is very possessive of his toys.  How can I stop this behaviour?
Even though this is a natural behaviour in the dog world, to humans it is inappropriate.  It is advisable to teach your dog from a pup to relinquish his toys in return for a reward or lots of attention and praise.  Your dog will soon learn being possessive is unrewarding and sharing comes with rewards.

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