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There is nothing more adorable than when I look over at my dog and there he is, sprawled out on his bed, catching up on some sleep, with his eyes tightly shut and displaying that innocent, peaceful look on his face until, of course, something catches his attention. However, as we all know, not all dogs will settle for just sleeping on the comfy dog beds we have provided for them.  They will just about sleep anywhere even on clothes after they have just been pulled off the washing line. Hmm!! Arnie, a Staffordshire Terrier

Even my toy poodle loves nothing more than to sleep on his back against a wall with his feet in the air. But then again he does a lot of odd things!


Check out these great dog beds!  All these great dog beds include customer reviews.




Best positions in bed. Some old - some new!


dog bed
The bed we share with our pets!
Review: We love this bed and happy to snuggle up to you.


shoes for dogs!
Shoe bed - snug fit!

Review: For small dogs only



dog beds
Cot for two!

Review: Really, this works?


Raised mat bed with air cushion!
Review: A bit short....


Cute puppy sleeping


Slumber couch!
Review: For the couch potato.


designer dog beds

Cosy sofa bed
Review: Not for large breeds!


Table bed

Review: Very versatile. Ready for dinner when you are!


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Now for the real deal, check out these popular dog beds for your best friend.



Buy through Amazon one of the most trusted sources for buying on the internet.
Want to see a wider selection of popular dog beds? There are so many to choose from whether you are looking for discount dog beds, large dog beds, designer dog beds, stylish dog beds even orthopaedic dog beds and heaps more. Find more of the best range in dog beds with customer reviews here.


Dog Crates

Ever consider a dog crate? Did I mention my dog, Coco, loves her dog crate. In fact she has two! The crate is "her place" when she wants a little peace and quiet. It's safe and secure. She also runs into her crate every time she thinks we are going out to the beach or park! Coco and I can highly recommend dog crates.


The dog crate is a very versatile piece.


An invaluable training tool. They come in handy when your dog misbehaves. It's a good place for some time out.
A safe place when you don't want your dog underfoot.
A dog crate can be used to transport your dog safely in the car or plane, it's original purpose. Be sure when you purchase a dog crate that it meets all the airline's requirements, otherwise you can hire dog crates for this purpose.
Use a dog crate as a very comfortable dog bed by just adding a blanket or cushion!


Dog crates come in all varieties from open mesh, solid metal and plastic, small and large. The great thing about dog crates is that they are fairly indestructible.



Buy through Amazon one of the most trusted sources for buying on the internet.



Lazy days water bed

Review: Offers great support. It's a lifestyle choice!




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