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The Doberman Pinscher was bred from various guard dogs and terriers. Herr Louis Doberman was a policeman as well as the local dogcatcher in Germany, and decided to combine a number of different breeds to create a loyal, obedient, fiercely protective dog to accompany him on his nightly rounds. Oddly enough, Pinscher actually means "terrier", but today's Doberman bears no physical or temperamental resemblance to a terrier. These dogs are most often used as guard dogs, military dogs, home guardians and companions.



The intelligent and brave Doberman Pinscher makes a good guard dog, is loyal, dependent, however occasionally noisy and boisterous, they have tremendous stamina. Tending to become a one-person-dog, if properly socialized are able to get along fine with dogs, other household pets, and children. However, unwanted visitors are stopped in their tracks as their instinct as watchdogs often makes them wary of stranger and could possibly bite if hit or startled.  They can make good city pets, however as they are so very active could become restless if not given something to do.  Dobermans have been known to become very protective of the children in their household and may mistake play for danger when friends are visiting, so supervision is recommended when a Doberman is around any children or around people not living in the household.  It is important to note that if these dogs are not given enough exercise both mentally and physically all sorts of behaviour problems can arise, therefore games that require intelligence and skill are best, such as obedience and agility competitions.



Height:   41-71cm  (24-28in)

Weight:   30-45kg  (66-99lb)

Group: Working Dog

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium-sized, powerful dog and the colour of their sleek smooth short coat is often black or dark brown, which also may be fawn or steel blue in colour. They always have rust markings above their eyes, on their muzzle, throat, chest, legs and feet, and below his tail.



The Doberman's short, sleek coat requires only a quick weekly brush and usually during moulting the use a rubber glove with a knobbled surface to remove the dead and loose hairs is sufficient. Keep the claws short and check the teeth from time to time for tartar.


Life Expectancy

10-15 Years


Health Concerns

Doberman Pinschers are susceptible to hip dysplasia, von Willebrand's Disease, bloat, immune-deficiency disorders, severe heart disease, and thyroid and liver disorders.    



These dogs can adapt to the city, if given enough physical and mental exercise, and plenty of obedience training. If accustomed to people at an early age, they can be good family pets and can be good with children if raised with them; however, many are simply one-person dogs. The strong and handsome Doberman requires very careful and consistent training and if you have little experience of training dogs, then you are seriously advised not to acquire one of this breed. Many Dobermans can be neurotic if wrongly brought-up (and unfortunately this is all too frequent), making them fearful and/or snappy - while their natural character is straightforward and reliable.  Ideally suited to defense-dog training, these dogs are built for speed and possess tremendous stamina and require activities such as swimming, or allowing it run alongside a cycle, or run free in the woods.  These dogs do require ongoing companionship, socialization, and activity are essential in keeping this breed relaxed and controlled.


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