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Find more resources in our directory to other pet related websites that may be of interest.  Please contact us if you have a pet related site you would like to list with us.


Directory - Recommended Sites

Site Build It
Site Build It! ("SBI!") is all about starting and building a business online. SBI! includes clear step-by-step video instruction and all the tools needed to actually grow your own increasingly profitable e-business.
Volunteers can make a difference in their community. Turning little efforts into superhuman ones. Helping people, help pets. Help, donate or join now.


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Animal Behaviourists Dog Adoption Blogs about our Pets Dog Breeds Dog Adoption
Dog Beds Dog Breeds Dog Breeders
Dog Care Dog Exercise Equipment Dog Grooming
Dog Care Dog Nutrition Dog Training Horoscopes Horoscopes
nutrition Pet Food Pet Friendly Travel Pet insurance Pet Insurance
best pet names Pet Names    
Pet Photography Pet Sitting Pet Sitting Online Pet Supplies
Transportation Vets More Pet Resources

directory to other pet related sites

Animal Behaviourists

Pet Problems Solved
Helping pets and their people. Dr Joanne Righetti is an Animal Behaviourist, based in Sydney, Australia. Pet Problems Solved is her business. Dr Jo consults to pet owners and animal professionals such as vets, council rangers and shelter workers to mention a few.

dog blogs

Free Pet Advice Blog
Free Pet Advice when choosing the pet for you. Think also what is best for your pet, giving advice to people who are contemplating acquiring a pet to join them in their home, what they can expect from their new pet and the pets needs, so that owner and pet are happy.

New Dog Owners
Teaching your dog the rules of the house.

Los Angeles Dogs
For dog lovers in LA... and beyond

dog adoption directory


Young Animal Protection Society
YAPS Refuge Shelter rescues dogs and cats. We rehome abandoned, abused and unwanted animals in Cairns. Our shelter protects many dogs and cats until the right families come along.

Adopt the Right Dog
Not convinced whether to adopt a dog, or ready to adopt, but don't know what kind of dog you want? Knowing your choices ensures you find the right dog for you and your family's lifestyle. Choose the right dog to provide a forever home and experience the joy of unconditional love and loyalty.

Dog Adoption and Training Guide
Our site is about the need for adopting dogs, how to choose dogs and puppies from kennels, rescue groups and breeders, dog breeds and breed profiles including breed illnesses, first aid, (coming) dog food, dog care, safety and obedience training including clicker training. It's a versatile site with lots of pictures.

Dogs and Puppies - Next Day Pets - Provides a venue for a dog rescue and dog shelter to find quality homes for adult dogs and puppies with information on 300+ dog breeds and pet supplies. Our pet store features dog supplies ranging from dog beds, dog clothes, dog crates, dog toys and more. Browse our dog and pet website directory, dog articles, dog pictures and dog names

Friends of the Hound
We believe that through a successful re-homing program, many lovely greyhounds that would otherwise be destroyed can be adopted out to good homes to bring years of joy and companionship as much-loved pets! Come along to one of our many fundraisers, volunteer or consider adopting a Greyhound for your next family pet.

Greyhounds as Pets
Greyhound adoption in NSW is made an easy process. Simply tell our team about yourself and your lifestyle, and we will find the right greyhound for you. Your greyhound will come to you fully house trained and ready to give you oodles of love.

A great range of Dog Beds

Pet Beds Direct
Our company produces the ultimate in dog beds. We cater for all types of dogs, whether it's a Poodle or a Great Dane, Pet Beds Direct can fulfil your needs.

Best Range in Dog Beds
A great selection of dog beds for your best friend including heated dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, cushions, sofas and chairs with customer reviews. Buy through one of the most trusted sources on the internet.

Dog Breeders

Chihuahua Puppies for Sale
I offer Chihuahua puppies for sale as well as dog training, grooming, feeding and health information. My Chihuahuas are the love of my life, but as a dog lover I present info for other breeds as well.

dog grooming directory
Focuses on breeds, under 12 pounds (6 kgs). Types of breeds, their suitability for various lifestyles. We cover their grooming requirements, exercise needs and most important health aspects. Pictures of what they look like, and what you can expect in terms of training, and personality.

Coton-de-Tulear Rare Dog Breed
Comprehensive resource for the companion Coton-de-Tulear owner who would like to learn more about this wonderful and rare dog breed and share their love of the breed with other Coton Dog owners.

Dogs are Family
We help you choose and raise your beloved canine. Our site is all about dogs and how they are such a big part of the family.

Dogs Breeds and All about Doggie
Complete Dog Breeds Profile from A-Z with all doggie pictures. Find all different dog information and dog pictures for your favorite dog.

Golden Retriever Magic
Welcome to this in-depth site about the Golden Retriever.  You will find tons of information about this incredible breed - pictures, puppies, adoption, grooming, health, tips on finding breeders, naming and much more...

Great Dane Dog We are committed to bringing you all the information you need to learn about these Gentle Giants
Provides comprehensive, in-depth German Shepherd dog information and covers over 700.

Love Springer Spaniels Your Online Guide and Community to all things Springer Spaniel!

Pug Owner Guide
Do you want a pet with a lot of personality? These "little clowns of the dog world" are one of the oldest dog breeds. This toy breed is a lot of dog in a small compact package. Learn more about this little "charmer".

Sheltie Planet
The Complete Pet Owner's Guide to Shetland Sheepdogs. A dangerously cute website about the adorable Shetland Sheepdog breed (aka Shelties). Run by a devoted Sheltie lover, this site offers free advice for pet owners as well as lots of puppy pictures and videos.

Shih Tzu Dogs
An informative and interactive website dedicated entirely to Shih Tzu dogs. Comprehensive information about the Shih Tzu breed including pages about puppies, rescue and adoption, grooming, mixes, health, diet, training and much more.

Small Breed Dogs
Our List of Small Breed Dogs makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. We will answer the questions most people forget to ask about Small Breed Dogs!

Small Dog Place
Begin your search here for the perfect canine companion. Discover tips and techniques for caring for your precious fur baby.

Rottweiler Dogs
Rottweiler dogs are unique. Get to know them from a real owner's perspective. Find everything you need to know about Rottweiler training, care, temperament, traits and so much more. Even add your own Rottweiler pictures and stories to this interactive site.

Weimaraner Puppies, Dogs, Breeders and Rescue
Raise Awareness of Weimaraner Puppies. We’re dedicated to raising awareness about Weimaraner puppies, dogs, breeders, & rescue. Here you’ll find a complete resource of information including care, history, and training tips!
The Whippet is a fantastic racing dog and a devoted pet. In our pages you will find reliable information about breeders, rescue organizations, pictures and stories about this wonderful dog breed.

Dog Care, Nutrition, Health

Dog Care Guidance from Organic Pet Digest
Your complete adviser for natural, organic and holistic dog care. Use their free dog health advice and their Ask-a-Vet service to ensure a long and happy life through a holistic approach to dog health & wellness. Advice includes at-home remedies to common dog health problems, homemade dog food recipes, proper dog vet care and pet insurance reviews, reviews of natural and organic dog food, dog supplies and more.

Dog Daycare Medford MA - The Common Dog providing pet care and training services in the regions of Boston. Contact us in Medford and Boston for dog kennel, spa, grooming, training and health care.

Dog Health Guide
The Dog Health Guide is a source for trustworthy and timely information on dog health problems offering common sense practical advice for many common canine symptoms and illnesses. We believe that an informed dog owner can make better decisions with qualified dog care professionals like the Vet.

A healthy pet is a happy pet! From coat care and vaccinations to socialization. Learn everything you need to now to provide your new pet with a safe, happy and healthy living environment.

Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs
Our Pet Pharmacy is your online pet store offering discount prices on pet supplies, medications, products & accessories.

Tidy Up San Diego
Book and Securely Pay for your San Diego Pooper Scooper Service online in under a minute. Our honest price match guarantee and generous special offers won't break the bank.

Three Little Pitties
All about dog health.

dog exercise equipment, tools, aids

Dog Excercise Equipment
Safe, fun and practical dog exercise tool. The dog powered scooter. A whole new dog sport!

dog grooming directory

Luxury Dog Grooming London
Luxury dog grooming services in London. We also sell funky dog beds and other pet accessories!

Dog Grooming Academy and Services
The Dog Grooming Academy offer training in all aspects of dog grooming to students from across the UK, providing them with the skills and knowledge to set up their own grooming businesses!


dog grooming

dog training tips

Dog Obedience Training | How to Train a Dog | Puppy Training -

Dog Shock Collars
Shock Collars at the Lowest Prices anywhere. Plus FREE shipping on ALL Dog Shock Collars. We offer the Largest Selection of Dog Shock Collars. If you need a Shock Collar we have it.

UK professional dog training equipment
Online UK shop for dog harnesses, dog muzzles, dog leads, dog collars and dog training equipment. We offer reasonable prices, fast delivery and strong customer support.

Puppy-Basics:  Information and resources for new puppy and dog owners. Quickly learn puppy basics to raise and train your cute Tasmanian Devil.

Stop Dog Barking Today!
Looking to stop dog barking but aren't sure where or how to start? You and your ears are no doubt frustrated at this point and are looking for some kind of relief.

Dog Horoscopes

Dog Horoscopes
Welcome to ‘Dog-O-Scope’. Do you think you know everything there is to know about your dog? Have you ever wondered why they do some of those strange things, and act the way they do, which leave you scratching your head at times? Well, we are here to help you solve some of those mysteries and hopefully provide you with some answers.

Dog Nutrition

Top Dog Foods
Easily research and compare dog food brands and prescription veterinary diets.

Pure Dog Treats
Pure Dog Treats is an online informational website based on safe and natural dog treats. We are committed to providing homemade recipes and recommendations for commercial dog treats that are truly healthy, safe and contain only pure ingredients to keep your dog healthy. We understand there are no shortages of dog treats on the market; but it can be confusing and challenging to find healthy ones that are safe and which toxic ingredients to stay away from when purchasing dog treats.

Online Pet and Dog Supplies 

American Pit Bull Terrier Store
An online store for your American Pit Bull Terrier. Handmade muzzles, collars, dog leashes/leads, harnesses, Pitbull toys. Accessories for training of your dog. Everything about Pitbull - best quality photos, videos, training, health and grooming tips and much, much more....

Cane Corso - Italian Mastiff
Cane Corso dog harness, Cane Corso dog muzzle, Cane Corso dog collar, Dog leads, Bite sleeve. Accessories for training of your dog. Articles about Cane Corso - Breed Standard, choosing a Cane Corso's puppy. Cane Corso-extraordinary dog breed and much, much more...

Doberman Dog Supplies
Doberman Dog Supplies is an online shop for your Doberman. Doberman muzzles, dog collars, Handmade leashes/leads, Doberman harnesses, K-9 Doberman Training Supplies. Everything about Doberman - best quality photos, videos, training, health.

Dog beds n beyond
Your one stop resource for pet supplies, product reviews, information, tips and much more for raising a healthy happy dog.

Dog Gifts and Bird Gifts
Gifts lovingly made for your dog and you. Browse through our dog gifts, including Bucktooth Bone Baskets for Dogs, dog food and water bowls, crocheted dog collar covers, and Bird Mugs.

K9 professional dog training equipment
Schutzhund Dog Bite Sleeve, Intermediate Bite Sleeves, Schutzhund Dog Training Equipment, Puppy Sleeve, Training dog harness, Quality dog collars, Muzzles. We produce and supply worldwide K9 professional dog training equipment. Our dog training equipment approved by Military, Police and Anti-Terrorist units. We are proud to serve and to help professional dog trainers all over the world.

Puppy Love Dog Boutique
We have a great selection of dog products and apparel including unique items that are exclusive to Puppy Love including luxury Kennel Covers & Canopy Beds, intricate dog collars, carriers, clothes, collar charms, and much much more.

Off The Paw
is an online shop specializing in products for dogs and dog enthusiasts based in Massachusetts. We have searched for only the best of dog supplies, special gifts and accessories.

Puppy Kisses Boutique
Puppy Kisses is the premier on-line dog boutique for designer dog apparel and accessories, including designer dog coats, leashes and collars, dog beds, toys, treats, birthday cakes and our famous Puppy Kisses dog hair bows! And don't forget our people section with gifts for dog lovers.

Rottweiler Dog On-line Store
RottweilerDogBreedStore has provided dog training equipment for thousands of professionals around the world. Handmade muzzles, collars, dog leashes/leads, harnesses, Rottweiler toys. Accessories for training of your Rottweiler. Articles about Rottweiler, video, images and more...

Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs
Our Pet Pharmacy is your online pet store offering discount prices on pet supplies, medications, products & accessories.

Shopping Mall
At Dogs Gossip we have made it easy and convenient for you to shop online for your dog and save time! Buy from the one place through Amazon one of the most trusted sources for buying on the internet. Find accessories, fancy dog costumes, dog beds, dog crates, dog car seats, toys and so much more.  There are even product reviews by customers who have purchased products you may be thinking of buying yourself.

Spots Light
Pet safety made simple and affordable. Spots-light is a unique Leash and Collar that illuminates at night so that you and your pet are seen by others. This fantastic lightweight light up collar and leash are tough and practical for everyday use.

Ultimate Dog Stop
Ultimate Dog Stop offers dog car seats that allow your pet to ride comfortably and securely on road trips. Also keeps hair and dirt off of your expensive fabrics.
The Online Pet Fashion Boutique for Dog Clothes and Accessories.

VioVet is an internet retail site set up in conjunction with a veterinary practice in Hertfordshire. We supply members of the public with veterinary medicines and other related products at the lowest prices we can achieve, as quickly as possible.

Pet food and dog food

Fresh Pet Food
Why Fresh? Freshpet believes fresh, meat based foods are best for our companion animals. Find a store near you that sells Freshpet.

Naturo Pet Foods
Natural dog food made with 100% natural ingredients.

Pet Friendly Travel 

Dog Friendly Self Catering Holidays in Cornwall
The ultimate resort for luxury dog friendly self catering holidays in Cornwall. A stylish collection of 5 star self catering cottages and lodges, with hot tubs, set in the most spectacular location, within minutes of Padstow, Newquay and Wadebridge to access the whole of Cornwall's delights.

Pets Can Stay
Pets Can Stay is the most comprehensive, full-service pet friendly hotel directory for people who travel with pets. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional and personalized information on premium certified hotels to ensure that your next pet-inclusive trip is exactly as you want it. Search 1000's of pet friendly hotels now!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Home  Find a pet friendly vacation rentals home in Florida that your pets will love as much as you do!

Read more about Pet Friendly Hotels. This site contains all information about Pet Friendly Hotels that you love to experience.

Pet Friendly Travel
Cunard Cruises has supported pet friendly travel since the maiden voyage of the Britannia in 1840. Take your Pets On Deck on your next holiday.

pet insurance options

Pet Insurance Australia
Pet Insurance Australia specialises in affordable and dependable insurance for cats and dogs.

Pet Names Directory

Ace Pet Names
Ace Petnames aims to help you find pet names that can carry the full weight of their character, cuteness and petsonality.

Best Dog Names
Visit Dog Names Place for male and female dog names, top dog names, unique dog names and much more!

Best Pet Names
Hundreds of the very best pet names for dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and more!

Chihuahua Names
Looking for Chihuahua names that fit? This is such a special breed that we felt they deserved their own site.

Puppy Names HQ
Find great puppy names and dog names with our mega database of unique themed pages. Famous dogs, celebrity dogs, hero dogs - plus the biggest collection of popular, cool, cute, tough and funny names available anywhere.

Pet Photography Directory

Carolyn Scott Photography
Carolyn Scott Photography is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and specializes in pet portraits, wedding photography, senior portraits and family portraits. Carolyn also travels worldwide for your wedding with custom packages to suit the needs of her clients.

Charlotte Reeves Photography
Charlotte Reeves loves discovering and telling the story behind every dog she photographs. Each dog and pet photography session is approached with a sense of fun and adventure, coupled with an eye for detail. Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Charlotte Reeves loves discovering and telling the story behind every dog she photographs. Each dog and pet photography session is approached with a sense of fun and adventure, coupled with an eye for detail. Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Erin King Photographer provides professional pet photography services to the Melbourne area. An avid animal lover creating innovative and creative pet portraits with a unique feminine style with a fun and natural approach.


pet sitting

Best Fit Pet Sit
We are a professional, insured, bonded pet sitting and dog walking service in Lawrenceville. We care for your pets in your home where they are comfortable.

Boston Dog Company
Award winning dog daycare focused on delivery of dog happiness! Find us in Cambridge, Acton and Chelmsford, MA.

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business
Would you like to work from home? Learn how to start a pet sitting business. An informational web site to help you get started.

Nina's Nannies for Pets
UK pet sitting service. An award winning pet and home sitting service established in 1998. Nina's Nannies for Pets is a professional pet and home sitting service to provide a complete pet care service to suit our client's requirements.

Pet and Property Sitters
Pet and Property Sitters provide live in pet sitters to care for your home and pets whilst you are away. Our professional pet sitting service covers Northern England and offers the best possible solution for your pets; the opportunity to stay in their own environment and rountine.

Pet Sitters in Mt Prospect
Professional pet care services in the Chicago area. We'll continue with that five-star treatment your pet receives from you each day while you are away!

Pet Sitting Services is a directory of companies or individuals that provide pet sitting and other pet related services. You can search for a pet sitting service simply by entering your zip code.

Pet Sitters
What to look for when you need a professional, pet sitting and dog walking service.


We Provide Transportation Anywhere in MA, RI, NH, GA, & FL including Boston Logan (BOS), Providence T.F. Green International (PVD), Manchester (MHT), Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL), Miami International (MIA), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (FLL), and Orlando (MCO) Airports. Get a 10% Online Discount or Call 617-833-2333.

Veterinary Clinics Directory Links

Animal Hospital Laguna Beach - OC Animal Medical Center is a reputed pet care center where professional veterinarians treat animals with superior care and modernized medical practices along with advanced technological equipment. Also providing emergency pet care services in areas of Laguna Beach, Newport Coast California (CA).

All Natural Vet Care
All Natural Vet Care is a complete and caring service that combines the best of conventional veterinary medicine with natural medicine and therapies to ensure your pet receives the best treatment possible.

Eye Care for Animals
The doctors and staff at Eye Care for Animals (ECFA) are committed to providing the highest level of medical and surgical ophthalmic care available. Animals suffer from eye problems including cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, corneal ulceration, tumors of the eye, eyelid defects, retinal degeneration, and many others. ECFA is continually exploring new technologies to provide the latest in diagnostics and treatment for your canine family member.

Ladera Ranch Vet
Dr.Leslie Dowd and Dr.Chris Jordan, dedicated to provide the best veterinary medicine to the communities of Crown Valley, Mission Viejo, Orange County and Coto De Caza. Contact us at 949-365-0101 to give the latest surgical and anesthetic health care services to your loving pets.

Orange Tustin Animal Hospital
OC Veterinary Medical Center provides complete veterinary services including diagnostic testing, surgery, radiology, pet grooming, boarding and dental services for your pets in Orange Tustin area. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Talk to the Vet
Talk To The Vet is dedicated to answering your pet health questions and improving your pets health and wellbeing. We are 100% free of charge.

Veterinarian Grand Prairie Tx
I-20 Animal Medical Center provides your pet with the best veterinarian treatment by using advanced surgical techniques as well as emergency and critical care in Grand Prairie, TX and other surrounding areas.

Veterinarians New Mexico
Looking for a veterinarian in New Mexico? Come to The Animal Humane Clinic.

More helpful free dog resources

Best Animal Sites Directory - A directory of animal and pet sites.

Everything Else About Dogs and Their Owners

Pet Waste Removal
Dog poop cleanup service is Poop 911's specialty. POOP 911 can poop scoop your yard and remove toxic and unpleasant dog poop. We offer a large selection of other services to help you enjoy your yard with your family and pets alike.

Colorado Pooper Scooper
Our Colorado pooper scooper / dog waste removal service area includes Boulder , Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Niwot, Wetsminster, Thornton and Broomfield Colorado. Our property management commercial poop scoop service area includes all of the greater Boulder / Denver Colorado metro area.



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