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Dog Breed - Dalmation



The Dalmatian is associated with Dalmatia, an historical region of Croatia but nothing is definitely known about its origin. They were thought to have been used as dogs of war guarding the borders of Dalmatia. More recently, they have been associated with Budweiser Beer Ads in the US and the two Walt Disney films, 101 Dalmatians.



Friendly and loyal to those the dog knows and trusts, it is often aloof with strangers and dogs it does not know.  With a strong hunting instinct, they have been used as retrievers, bird dogs and trail hounds.  This breed is an energetic dog, with unlimited energy and stamina.  It is also thought to be a good guard dog.



Height:  54 and 61.5 cm (20 to 24 inches)

Weight: 23 to 35 kg (35 to 50 pounds) 

Puppies are born white.  The spots appear over the first few weeks of the puppy's life. Most are white with liver or black spots.



This breed shed their short coats year round and should be brushed two to three times a week. They enjoy nothing more than a good rub down.


Life Expectancy

11 to 13 years.


Health Concerns

The breed is generally free of ailments.  An exception to this is a genetic disposition towards deafness.  Their health problems are usually due to the onset of old age.



The Dalmatian requires frequent exercise so would be suited to an active family.


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